Malaysia consists of people with different ethnics, cultures, and religions. Though the Malayness Muslims are the dominant, there are also citizens Indian and Chinese origins with different religions. The multicultural aspects can be seen from the buildings and the surrounding neighborhood which has also influence from Arab, Persian, European, and British Empire.

When you visit this country, remember that the rules and taboos are different with yours. Here is the guide of what you can do and cannot do when visiting Malaysia.

The Dos When You Visit Malaysia

1. Shaking hands of the men you meet, but never on women unless they offer it first to you. The traditional (Islamic) handshake uses both hands without any grasp. The Malaysian greet visitors by placing their right hand on your left chest to show that they greet you from the heart.

2. When you enter a house, don’t ever forget to take off your shoes. It is a tradition. You also need to do this when visiting religious buildings, like a temple or a mosque.

3. You will need to use your right hand to give or receive things. Eating also must be done using the right hand. You will be considered discourteous if doing all this stuff with left hands.

4. Things like pens, watches, cameras, portable radio-cassette players, lighters, perfumes, and cosmetics are duty-free in Malaysia. You will be required for temporary importation of dutiable goods which will be refundable on departure.

5. There is a limitation of ringgit you can bring in and out of Malaysia. So, if you need ringgit in large amount, you must convert the currency in Malaysia.


The Don’ts When You Visit Malaysia

1. The head is considered a sacred body part. So, don’t ever touch one’s hand unless you want them to consider you a rude person.

2. When pointing, Malaysian uses the thumb of the right hand with four fingers folded, and not use the forefinger.

3. Never point your feet toward people or sacred images.

4. If you are female, don’t ever wear your hot pants and vests at mainland beach. Never think of having topless sunbathing. In Malay, women swim with their full dress and often with their headscarf too.

5. Never kiss in public because it is considered rude. Also, refrain yourself from having public display of affection, which include embracing or kissing in public.

6. If you are a woman, do not touch or hand something to a monk. Even accidentally brushing their robes will require you to fast and perform religious cleansing ritual.

7. Muslim women will probably refuse to shake your hand because they only do that with the same sex. Don’t get offended.

8. Do not be embarrassed by burping or belching during because it is acceptable in Malaysia.

9. Do not drink alcohol because the Muslim dominating population do not drink it.


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