Many people, when in Amsterdam, like to wear Amsterdam hats or carry gift boxes from Heineken Experience or Van Gogh Museum. There are a lot of recommended things to do while you’re in Amsterdam. However, you should skip doing these things below if you don’t want be a stereotypical tourist in Amsterdam.


1. Take a picture in front of the sign of “I amsterdam”

'I amsterdam' sign

It’s apparent that the Amsterdam government effort by spending a lot of money to build a half-meter red and white sign saying “I amsterdam” is not in vain. This sign has now become the magnet for tourists. There are a lot of tourists taking photograph here with the same pictures, which in the end annoy the locals because they can’t enjoy the cycle lanes as they are blocked by the tourists.


2. Have a day trip to Valendom

If in the past Valendom is famous for its beautiful canal houses with great views of the lake, now what is left are tourist shops, tours and traps, such as locals who are dressed up in traditional clothes while trying to sell overpriced fish. Durgerdam is a better option for those looking for the same experience with fewer tourists.


3. Rent a MacBike

Rental bikes are usually colored to make them easy to spot. Unfortunately, this also makes you easily spotted as a typical tourist. To avoid this, you can rent a black bike and start cycling like a local. But, if you think that bike safety is the best, you can stick to choose MacBike.


4. Night visit the Red Light Districts


Red Light Districts is a collection of window prostitutes, sports bars, erotic shops and peep shows teeming with tourists. It doesn’t sound interesting to visit this place at night but actually, if you go to this place by the day (around 3 pm) you can find some enjoyable views of Old Town, with its canals, canal houses, and churches.


5. Consume weed at coffee shop

In Nederland, weed is legal. However, locals never smoke it in coffee shop. Instead, they will do it in places with fewer people, like park or their home. So, if you find people smoking weed, they most likely are tourists who do not know where else to smoke their weed.




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