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Hunting Equipment

Tips to Choose and Buy Duck Hunting Boats

Tips to Choose and Buy Duck Hunting Boats

One of the best ways to improve your duck hunting opportunities is by choosing the right hunting boats. Buying a fully equipped boat can be expensive but in the long term, it can be quite a good investment. However, before deciding which one to buy, you must make a good evaluation on every aspect of the duck hunting boat.

Here are the tips to help you find the right duck hunting boats.

The Configuration of the Hull

1. Flat Bottom

If you hunt in shallow water, flat bottom johnboats will be the best choice, especially those paired with a mud motor. This is also a good choice for boat blind as it is wide and stable. However, this kind of boat has square bow which slaps of waves, which makes the ride a bit rough, especially on choppy water.

2. V-Bottom

If you love hunting in big water, such as Great Lakes and other huge estuaries, V-bottom is highly recommended for you. The boat are sturdy as it is made from fiberglass or aluminum, very suitable for diving duck gunners, especially those using tender boats in layout hunting. Not only stable and heavy, v-bottom has sharp keels that are able to part the waves. To keep the water from filling over the sides of the boats, it is also equipped with high gunwales and transoms.

3. Semi-V

Semi-V is very multi-function, which makes many waterfowl hunters in love with this type of duck hunting boat. The waves will be parted with its mild keel and pointed bow. However, the flat bottom of its boat gives it ability in shallow water. Highly recommended for waterfowl hunting, this boat is easily suited with a boat blind.

Outboard and Mud Motors

1. Mud Motors

Compared to traditional outboard, this mud motor has greater shallow-water capability. Available in two configurations, long-tail and surface-drive, mud motors can be operated in juts inches of water. If you hunt in soft-bottom, wide-open areas, surface-drive will be the best, while those love hunting in stump-ridden areas must choose long-tail mud motors.

2. 2-Stroke

Outboards with 2 strokes can be used in various conditions. The good side compared to 4-stroke is that it is less expensive, while at the same time it is lighter and more portable. Its responsiveness and acceleration are great, which are useful for impending wave in a rig which is loaded with gear and hunter. However, it is louder and consumes more fuel than 4-stroke, and thus producing more emissions.

3. 4-stroke

Like mentioned above, 4-stroke is great for its fuel efficiency and less emissions. It is also cleaner and quieter compared to 2-stroke. It can also more top-end speed of the same HP than 2-stroke. However, not only heavier and bulkier, 4-stroke is also more expensive and requires periodic oil change.

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Hunting Equipment

How to Find the Best Hunting Rifle


Finding the best hunting rifle among a collection of rifles is not an easy thing to do. You have to find the one based on prices, sizes, materials, and shapes. The best way you can do is use a method called backward induction, which a kind of reasoning game. The step is looking at the ideal end result then work backward until you reach your decision.

What kind of game you intend to do? The answer will narrow down the type of rifle that you will choose. If you get the answer, you can then base your choice base on your preferences. This will lead to answer what kind of bullet and cartridge you will need, which in the end limit the kind of rifle you can use.


Why Rifle Cartridge Matters in Choosing the Right Hunting Riffle?

rifle cartridge

The ammunition must be considered to guarantee a humane kill but which will be able to preserve as much the meat of the hunted animal as possible. If the ammunition is too much, the animal won’t hurt but the meat will be damaged after the shot. When weaker ammunition is used, the meat is preserved while the animal might suffer from pain before dying, which is not humane.

Cartridges are not bullets. In fact, bullet is just a part of a cartridge. This cartridge is where the primer, gunpowder, and a bullet are contained at the tip of it. The primer is for igniting the gunpowder which will push the bullet into the barrel of the rifle and slid toward your target.

Cartridges are available based on caliber (diameter if the bullet), length, the size (how much power the cartridge can exert the bullet), and weight (measured by grains).
For a small game, it is recommended that you use cartridge of small caliber (such as a .17 and .22 caliber). If your distance is closer than 100 yards, you can choose a .22 long range cartridge. A .22 magnum cartridge is better for greater distance.

So, after knowing what kind of game you will play, you can decide what cartridge you will use, to finally decide which rifle is the right one for you. This is what we call backward induction.


Choose the Right Rifles

There are two large categories of rifles: single shots and repeaters. Single-shot tend to be sleeker with more elegant design and it is more nostalgic because it brings the sense of old America. Single-shot rifles are divided into 4 categories: falling-block, rolling-block, break-open, and trapdoor, which can be chosen based on personal preferences.
Repeating rifles are also divided into some varieties, such as bolt-action, pump-action, lever-action, and automatic rifles. The materials also need to be considered, like carbon steel or stainless steel. To choose these unique materials can be based on your experience. Good luck.




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