Hunting Equipment

Hunting Equipment

Hunting Gear List – Find the Right Hunting Gear for You


We learn lessons in the outdoors that simply cannot be mastered from the desk or the couch. Hiking a boundless hillside, panting with each breath, teaches us patience. Hours of target practice, hoping the tangerine-tinted clay shatters into fragments each time we sight it, teaches us diligence. And hunting alongside a well-trained working dog teaches us gratitude. Here at Orvis we are as passionate about learning these lessons ourselves as we are about sharing them. We hope to inspire, as we are inspired by everyone in the field. Hunting is a heritage lifestyle… spending time in the field is more important than time in the boardroom. Become part of the tradition.

Choosing the right equipment for hunting predators is pretty critical to your success. I’ve tried to take out some of the thinking for you by my experiences through trial and error. I still recommend that you test out different accessories and products so you create your own comfortable way of hunting. I have used or currently use all of the products on this list of varmint hunting supplies.

Our collection of hunting and shooting gear has everything you need for a successful day in the field or on the range. Find lightweight, breathable and durable hunting jackets designed to perform even in the harshest weather conditions. If heavy duty brush pants are what you need, our Sharptail hunting pants will protect you from even the toughest thorns. The Mesh-Backed Clay Shooting Vest is one of our most popular vests and it’s no wonder why. With articulated shoulders and a meshed back this vest delivers maximum mobility, comfort and breathability. Keep your feet dry and comfortable with our selection of lightweight, durable and waterproof hunting boots. Select from a wide range of high-quality and reliable hunting knives including fixed blade, folding and collectible knives. Protecting your eyes and ears is absolutely critical. From digital hearing protection to high-impact shooting glasses we have the safety accessories you need to protect your most valuable assets. Eliminate clutter and stay better organized with our premium field bags and luggage. Our Waterfowl Pit Bag is the perfect choice for carrying, separating and organizing your waterfowl essentials. Tired of not having a good place to put your wet and muddy waterfowl waders? Our innovative Max 4 Wader bag solves that problem. Explore our full line of hunting and shooting gear and find exactly what you need for your next adventure.

You need the right gear to be deadly on the hunt.

Turn to the hunting equipment and hunting apparel that experienced hunters trust. From guns and hunting knives to breakthrough hunting optics and hunting apparel, pack up right for the field.

Stake out prey with treestands or blinds-be ready in any terrain with ladder stands, hang-on stands and hunting blinds that help cover you from all types of game. Step out in hunting boots that deliver sure-footed traction and warmth.

Rule the course with paintball guns and airsoft guns. Keep your vehicle clean and new with camo seat covers. Field dress your game with hunting knives and multi-tools. From big game to varmint, find what you need from brands like Nikon®, Bear Archery® & Field & Stream®.

Stalk down your prey with industry-leading archery equipment and shooting equipment. Skilled and novice archers get the right blend of strength and pin-point accuracy with precision-engineered compound bows and crossbows. Look for a light stock and a low-profile feel.

Gain the advantage with rifle scopes, binoculars and rangefinders that deliver on any terrain. And find the hunting knife that’s right for the job. Shop knives crafted for field dressing, machetes for slicing through vegetation and axes and saws that help you cut through any situation.

Scent-blocking technology gives hunters the upper hand. This apparel technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes-so your game never knows you’re coming.

Hunting jackets, vests and thermal baselayers let you customize your level of warmth in the field. Always ensure your hunting gear is built with fabric that moves quietly as you’re stalking game or positioning form the shot. Soft fabrics minimize sound and deliver all-day comfort and mobility.

All-over camo prints keep you concealed, while blaze-orange keeps you visible to your fellow hunters. Breathable bibs and overalls provide protection-choose a pair with plenty of pockets for stashing away tools and essentials.

Discover apparel for hunters of all stripes, including women’s hunting apparel for her and kids’ hunting clothes for youngsters. Shop all hunting equipment like realistic turkey decoys.

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Find the Best Hunting Knife – Hunting Knife Set


Hunting is one of the oldest and most primal hobbies we can still enjoy. Nothing compares to the struggle against nature, and the satisfaction of bringing down your prey. These tools will help you make the most of your next hunt.

Hunting has been and remains a core tradition. We are constantly making refinements that improve the performance of our knives and crafting new designs that allow hunters to improve performance of field dressing and skinning.

Once the telling shot has been fired and the trophy of a lifetime is on the ground, the real work of the hunt begins. You’ll need a rugged knife with the right heft and proper blade shape – one that’s made from top grade steel, honed to a razor edge. That’s why a Browning hunting knife deserves a place on your belt or in your hunting pack. Its outstanding balance helps transmit every precise cutting movement from your hand to the blade as you field dress game.

Quality hunting knives are an essential part of any outdoorsman’s gear, we offers the top brands available. Whether you’re searching for a classic straight-blade knife, a curved-blade skinning knife, or even a gut hook, we are one of the best selections of hunting knives online today.

Anybody who is serious about their hunting realises that a good quality hunting knife is a must have. We have an extremely large range of hunting knives (including fixed blade hunting knives) for you to choose from and are happy to deliver to your doorstep.

If you are looking for a particular hunting knife and we do not have it listed here please feel free to contact us and we will see if we can get hold of it for you.


Fixed Blade Hunting Knives

Every hunter’s trusty companion, the hunting knife is useful for everything from preparing your meals to dressing your kill. Here is a list of economy models. Also try our tactical knives.

Folding Hunting Knives

All the usefulness of a full sized hunting knife in an easily portable folding pocketknife form.


Hunting Blades And Camping Knives

From preparing a fresh catch to serving a delicious dinner over the family campfire, a knife or multi-tool is a must have for any outdoorsman. Great for robust applications, like chopping and slicing, fixed blade hunting knives and camping blades offer a strong, sturdy feel. Some come with gut hooks for field dressing as well as sheaths that allow safe carrying and storage. If you’re looking for something a little more compact, go with a folding knife. Built for easy portability, many camping knives are made with sturdy metal handles and locking mechanisms that keep the blade and other attached tools safely tucked inside while in your pack or pocket.


Tactical Knives And Throwing Blades

Quality knives and tools can make a real difference in extreme outdoor settings and at the target range. More robust than average hunting knives and camping blades, tactical knives offer military-grade features. If you’re not sure which style blade you’ll need, many boast dual-edge designs with straight and serrated edges as well as folding models that are fast and easy to deploy in emergency situations. Whether for sport, combat or general skill building, throwing knives made with sharp tips land securely in most targets. Just like the fixed blade, they’re often made with slim, metal handles for a balanced feel throughout each toss. They’re also often slim enough to fit into a single pouch for easy carrying to the target range and packing on trips.

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Hunting Equipment

Hunting Blinds Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best


Hunters have used deer blinds over the last century to great success. Learning how to choose the perfect deer blind for your needs can be an important first step in taking your hunting skills to the next level. Having the ability to watch your prey without being seen give you a far better understanding of your target. It also allows you to take a cleaner shot without worrying about alerting your prey and missing your opportunity.

Recently advances in camouflage have increased the effectiveness of these hunting tools and as a result of this, many new hunters are rushing to the market to purchase one of these tried and true hunting blinds. The problem is not every hunting blind is created equal and the majority of blind manufacturers lack he experience to deliver a high-quality product that is both effective and reliable. Luckily there are some manufacturers that have proven themselves to be quality concerned.

  1. Why use one? The obvious reason is to conceal you from the eyes and ears of game. There are many other reasons, not the least of which is the ability to move. Ever been in the woods and wanted to pick up and hunt another spot? It’s an easy proposition with one of these blinds. If you plan to hunt with someone, they are great, especially if you’re introducing someone to hunting who hasn’t enjoyed our sport before. Sometimes it can be hard for a child to sit perfectly still and a blind means they don’t really have to. Sharing that time in the woods with a significant other would also be a good use.
  2. What do I want from my blind? You have to remember that these are intended to be portable blinds. If you want to leave them out all year, you may wish to look into something else. While they can take seasons of abuse, they are made with lightweight materials so that if you want to move around, they can be moved quickly and with little effort.
  3. What am I going to do with my blind? You can hunt deer or any other big game as well as turkeys and even waterfowl with some models. Are you going to bow hunt or rifle hunt? Some blinds are good for both while others are really meant for one or the other. Make sure the blind has the space to fit your style of hunting.
  4. Will the camo pattern the blind comes in fit my hunting area? Most blinds have several choices for camo. Pick the one that fits the area you want to hunt. Some come in general patterns that blend in everywhere while others are quite specific. There are even blinds that are reversible with two totally different camo patterns on each side to give you excellent versatility.


Bullets, Sticks, and Strings

What type of hunting you do will also play a role in determining which is the better blind for you. The blind that I used was a rifle-hunting blind. There wasn’t really enough room to maneuver a bow for a shot and it was even a little tight with a rifle. Take a good look at the dimensions of each model you’re interested in before you buy. Some models are made for taking archery shots from a sitting or kneeling position. Is that something you’re comfortable doing? If not, you need to look into a taller model that will allow you to maneuver. A good idea is to take the dimensions of one you are interested in and then use a tape measure to estimate if it will work for you. Most blinds fall in the five to six foot height range with some reaching for the seven-foot mark. These taller blinds are designed for the hunter wanting a different shot option. Many blinds too offer enough room to pull back and maneuver a bow, or have more than one person in the blind and still have enough room for movement. The friend that loaned me that first blind had originally ordered it for bowhunting. He was very disappointed and ended up buying another blind. You can avoid that frustration with a few moments of planning.

One thing that is obviously important is to set up your blind before you take it into the field and practice whatever type of shooting you’ll do. Take archery shots from whatever position you find comfortable and if you’re going to be sitting, use the seat platform you’ll be using in the field. Many of the blinds on the market now use a window system that allows you to shoot through the screen mesh without interrupting the flight of your arrow. This allows you to remain concealed within the blind and effectively take game. These window screens are replaceable and relatively inexpensive, allowing you to practice as much as you need to. They share the camo design with the blind and help it blend in more effectively because there is no gap in the pattern. The window blends in like natural shadow further enhancing the natural appearance. If you’ve ever worn a mesh facemask, the result is quite similar.

Many hunters are experiencing animals walking directly past the blind without hesitation. If you’re bowhunting skittish toms that have been pressured hard all season, how nice would it be to have them walk by the blind just a few feet away? The same goes with deer, especially with a scent-control model.


Ground Blinds

Gain the hunting advantage and get close to your prey with quick set-up ground blinds and portable pop up blinds from Sportsman’s Guide. We carry Hub Blinds to fit any need and budget. Shop your favorite trusted brands for ground blinds always at low prices.


Designed for Hunting Success

With The Blynd’s 7” x 29” tinted window openings, you will easily see the deer coming and will have access for full motion shooting—but the deer won’t see you. The single model has four window openings, while the two-man model has six.

Our box deer stands can be used with our custom-made deer tower stands. A number of deer blind accessories also are available to add to your comfort and ease of use of this deer hunting blind.

Made of weather-resistant materials, The Blynd is designed so that the windows can be closed, the door locked, and the blind left on your lease or your ranch until next season. But, it is still lightweight enough that even after it has been assembled, it can be moved to where the deer are active—no trailer needed!

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Hunting Bow and Archery Equipment Buyer’s Guide


Whether you’re looking to upgrade for the coming season or are just getting into archery, the information below will help you find the perfect bow to fit your needs.


Cam Selection

A lot has been written about cams (or wheels) over the years. The different styles, shapes and individual features are numerous, but they generally can be narrowed down to five distinct types: round wheels, single cams, dual cams, 1.5 hybrid cams and binary cams. Each have their own set of characteristics that dictates their best application. Factors that make an archer choose a particular cam style over another are speed, comfort, tunability, quietness and accuracy.

Round-wheeled bows are the slowest of all compound bows, but they are still with us today for a reason – they are smooth and accurate. Round wheels are reasonably quiet, vibrate very little and are easy to tune. Due to their rainbow-like trajectory, they are not a common choice for hunting applications.

Single cams are matched to a round idler wheel. Their popularity has been such a success that virtually every bow manufacturer today produces a single-cam bow. They are very easy to tune, since there is only one cam that rolls over.

Dual cams typically offer more speed than a single cam, but also require more tuning and maintenance. Both cams need to be synchronized to maximize the bow’s potential.

The 1.5 hybrid cams are a newer style of cam. They are a combination of both a dual cam and a solo cam. The speed of the hybrid cam is oftentimes comparable to dual cams. It functions the same as a solo cam, where the idler wheel is replaced with another cam. The addition of the second cam offsets the movement of the nock as compared with a solo cam.

Binary cams are similar to dual cams, except both cams are slaved to each other. This means that each cam rotates the same amount when drawing and shooting, making a binary-cam system virtually maintenance-free after the initial tune.


Which Bow is For You

Selecting the right bow is a personal thing, and the decision will depend a lot on what you will be doing with it. Here are a few things to look for when deciding on a compound bow:

Axle-to-axle length (ATA)

This is the distance between the axles of the cams (or cam and idler wheel). Much like the balancing pole a tightrope walker uses, a longer ATA will make it easier to hold the bow in a steady, vertical position. However, if you’re going to be hunting from a ground blind or treestand, or stalking through thick brush, a bow with a shorter ATA will be easier to maneuver. Most hunting bows have an ATA between 31” and 34”.


Brace height

Brace height is the distance from the string’s resting position to the groove in the bow’s grip. Brace height influences a bow’s power stroke (the distance the string travels) and greatly affects arrow speed. A shorter brace height increases arrow speed, but it also magnifies any errors in the archer’s form. A longer brace height is slower, but since the arrow is in contact with the string for less distance, errors in form are not as noticeable. 6” to 7” brace heights are most common.


Bow weight

As a general rule, heavier bows are easier to hold steady, but can fatigue an archer more quickly. Lightweight bows can take more practice to shoot accurately, but are also easier to carry on hunting trips. The average hunting bow weighs around 4 to 4.25 lbs. without accessories.



Again, make sure your bow can be adjusted to your draw length and weight. Most compound bows have draw-weight ranges of 10 to 20 lbs. – you’ll see a lot of 60- to 70-lb. and 50- to 70-lb. bows – but if you’re growing or just getting into archery, there are an increasing number of bows with even higher draw-weight adjustability, letting you start out low and work your way up to your target draw weight. Likewise, most bows have a draw-length range of approximately 4-6”. If you’re done growing, then this is fine, as your draw length will not change. For youths, a bow with a larger draw-length range will be able to adjust as they grow.

Understanding the different features of a bow and applying them to your specific hunting conditions and need makes selecting the right bow for the job much less difficult.


Best High End Crossbows – Top 5 Crossbows

The selection to determine my top 5 crossbows was made on few specific criteria to determine the exact ready-to-shoot crossbow.  I wanted to make sure I had the best value for the price. There is no point to invest that amount of money if you don’t have what you paid for.

Therefore, the technology included in the crossbow came as my first criteria. Small details come at a price but make a huge difference on the field. This point encompasses, the structure of the stock, the flight track, the accessories to dampened the sound and the technology related to its precision.

Second, quality of the scope. Is it already sight-in out of the box or many manipulations are needed to obtain great groupings in few shots.

Thirdly, the maneuverability of the crossbow. Its general design, compactness, how easy cocking the crossbow and safety toward movement while aiming at moving targets.

Finally, the overall result of the accessories included in the package. This point includes the quiver, the bolts, the crossbow case, wax, etc…

Now that you know how I based my selection, here are my best high-end crossbows. I also included different models otherwise compound crossbows would be all over the place according to me.


Excalibur Micro Suppressor Crossbow

Awards: Best recurve crossbow for its durability and reliability

They made all the modifications necessary on the Excalibur Micro Suppressor to make this crossbow almost without any cons, except for the draw weight and its specific bolts length. In past years, noise and total length were main issues for recurve crossbows. Excalibur understood what customers really wanted from a recurve crossbow. They wanted more durability, a more compact design and almost no sound and vibrations when shooting.


Parker Tornado XXT Crossbow Package

Awards: Look rough made tough for best durability over the years

Made by Americans for Americans. The first thing to say about Parker crossbows it’s there are more efficient than first at the beauty contest. They have basic shapes and no fancy design and it’s exactly what you want from them. They are performance-oriented products, not focused on their look. However, they are definitely not the worst and they are making a lot of changes to improve their designs. Quality and durable products, it’s what you can expect from Parker.

Barnett Razr Ice Crossbow

Awards: Best Ready-to-hunt crossbow package

This is the real ready-to-hunt package! The Razr ice has it covered for you so you can shoot and harvest your target. A great crossbow for maneuverability, precision and easy to use for beginners or more experienced shooter. Barnett loaded this model with all the good stuff. With almost no cons the Barnett Razr Ice Crossbow offers according to me, one of the most exciting experience for its category.


Browning one six two Crossbow

Awards: Best high-end crossbow for beginners.

A new player on the crossbow market but clearly not a new player in the world of hunting. Browning is a well-known brand in America and the good news is, they brought the same quality into their crossbows as they did in their guns. Browning aligned themselves with Barnett to ensure their entrance into the market at a lower risk.

Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow

Awards: Top notch shooting experience and maximum precision without many modifications

The most expensive of my ranking but amazing ballistics numbers. The precision obtained with the Carbon Nitro RDX crossbow is stunning and this, without modifications. Tenpoint has no need for an introduction, their products always come with high standards of quality. This reverse draw limbs crossbow will give you one of the smoothest shooting experience you will ever have.


What Makes a Recurve Bow Great For Hunting?

I don’t want to simply “force” some specific bows down your throat; I want you to actually understand why it is that I’ve chosen the bows listed above. With that in mind, here are the things that make a recurve great for a hunter.


It needs to be quiet

This is likely the most important thing to keep in mind. Nothing is more annoying than setting up for that perfect shot after an hour or two of tracking or luring your prey, only to have them run away due to the noise generated by drawing the string on your bow. So how do you solve this?

By choosing a bow that is specifically designed to minimize this kind of noise. These will include limbs made from specific, “quiet” material. They will be well tuned. They will include dampners or other elements designed to silence the string.


The draw weight needs to be just right

This one is a bit of a variable, but nothing we can’t handle.

I strongly recommend that you never use a recurve bow for hunting unless it has a drawing strength of 40 pounds or more. The reason being that, during hunting, you will want your arrow to pierce your prey and penetrate the body deeply enough. Unless your recurve has a draw weight of 40 pounds or more, and especially if you are shooting from further than 15 yards away, chances are you will just injure the animal without actually killing. It will then run away, needlessly suffer, and you’ll even lose your arrow. That’s not all though.

You need to choose a bow with a draw weight that you can handle. When hunting, you often need to draw your bow and then hold for a minute or longer before actually firing. If the draw weight is too much for your muscles, you will start to shake and your aim will suffer greatly.


It needs to be long

This one is simple: the longer the total lengh of the bow (from tip to tip), the more accurate your shots will be. How long exactly?

The best recurve bow for hunting will have a minimum length of 58 inches. The longer the better. You will notice that almost all of the recurves in the list above have a length of 60 or more inches – you now understand why.

Ease of transport should be considered

This may not seem like an issue for you now, especially if you have never used a bow before, but believe me – transporting a 60+ inche bow in a safe manner (you don’t want the limbs to get bent or worse – broken, do you?) can be a real hassle. Now, if you have a big enough car to transport your bow easily while avoiding damage to it in route, that’s great. Otherwise…

You need a takedown recurve bow for hunting. In case you didn’t know, a takedown bow is one where you can quickly detach the limbs from the riser by unscrewing a few screws. This makes storing and transporting your bow so much easier.

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Tips to Choose and Buy Duck Hunting Boats

Tips to Choose and Buy Duck Hunting Boats

One of the best ways to improve your duck hunting opportunities is by choosing the right hunting boats. Buying a fully equipped boat can be expensive but in the long term, it can be quite a good investment. However, before deciding which one to buy, you must make a good evaluation on every aspect of the duck hunting boat.

Here are the tips to help you find the right duck hunting boats.

The Configuration of the Hull

1. Flat Bottom

If you hunt in shallow water, flat bottom johnboats will be the best choice, especially those paired with a mud motor. This is also a good choice for boat blind as it is wide and stable. However, this kind of boat has square bow which slaps of waves, which makes the ride a bit rough, especially on choppy water.

2. V-Bottom

If you love hunting in big water, such as Great Lakes and other huge estuaries, V-bottom is highly recommended for you. The boat are sturdy as it is made from fiberglass or aluminum, very suitable for diving duck gunners, especially those using tender boats in layout hunting. Not only stable and heavy, v-bottom has sharp keels that are able to part the waves. To keep the water from filling over the sides of the boats, it is also equipped with high gunwales and transoms.

3. Semi-V

Semi-V is very multi-function, which makes many waterfowl hunters in love with this type of duck hunting boat. The waves will be parted with its mild keel and pointed bow. However, the flat bottom of its boat gives it ability in shallow water. Highly recommended for waterfowl hunting, this boat is easily suited with a boat blind.

Outboard and Mud Motors

1. Mud Motors

Compared to traditional outboard, this mud motor has greater shallow-water capability. Available in two configurations, long-tail and surface-drive, mud motors can be operated in juts inches of water. If you hunt in soft-bottom, wide-open areas, surface-drive will be the best, while those love hunting in stump-ridden areas must choose long-tail mud motors.

2. 2-Stroke

Outboards with 2 strokes can be used in various conditions. The good side compared to 4-stroke is that it is less expensive, while at the same time it is lighter and more portable. Its responsiveness and acceleration are great, which are useful for impending wave in a rig which is loaded with gear and hunter. However, it is louder and consumes more fuel than 4-stroke, and thus producing more emissions.

3. 4-stroke

Like mentioned above, 4-stroke is great for its fuel efficiency and less emissions. It is also cleaner and quieter compared to 2-stroke. It can also more top-end speed of the same HP than 2-stroke. However, not only heavier and bulkier, 4-stroke is also more expensive and requires periodic oil change.

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How to Find the Best Hunting Rifle


Finding the best hunting rifle among a collection of rifles is not an easy thing to do. You have to find the one based on prices, sizes, materials, and shapes. The best way you can do is use a method called backward induction, which a kind of reasoning game. The step is looking at the ideal end result then work backward until you reach your decision.

What kind of game you intend to do? The answer will narrow down the type of rifle that you will choose. If you get the answer, you can then base your choice base on your preferences. This will lead to answer what kind of bullet and cartridge you will need, which in the end limit the kind of rifle you can use.


Why Rifle Cartridge Matters in Choosing the Right Hunting Riffle?

rifle cartridge

The ammunition must be considered to guarantee a humane kill but which will be able to preserve as much the meat of the hunted animal as possible. If the ammunition is too much, the animal won’t hurt but the meat will be damaged after the shot. When weaker ammunition is used, the meat is preserved while the animal might suffer from pain before dying, which is not humane.

Cartridges are not bullets. In fact, bullet is just a part of a cartridge. This cartridge is where the primer, gunpowder, and a bullet are contained at the tip of it. The primer is for igniting the gunpowder which will push the bullet into the barrel of the rifle and slid toward your target.

Cartridges are available based on caliber (diameter if the bullet), length, the size (how much power the cartridge can exert the bullet), and weight (measured by grains).
For a small game, it is recommended that you use cartridge of small caliber (such as a .17 and .22 caliber). If your distance is closer than 100 yards, you can choose a .22 long range cartridge. A .22 magnum cartridge is better for greater distance.

So, after knowing what kind of game you will play, you can decide what cartridge you will use, to finally decide which rifle is the right one for you. This is what we call backward induction.


Choose the Right Rifles

There are two large categories of rifles: single shots and repeaters. Single-shot tend to be sleeker with more elegant design and it is more nostalgic because it brings the sense of old America. Single-shot rifles are divided into 4 categories: falling-block, rolling-block, break-open, and trapdoor, which can be chosen based on personal preferences.
Repeating rifles are also divided into some varieties, such as bolt-action, pump-action, lever-action, and automatic rifles. The materials also need to be considered, like carbon steel or stainless steel. To choose these unique materials can be based on your experience. Good luck.




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