Have you ever heard of baby food diet? If you ever come to baby showers and play the baby food guessing games, then you’ll be familiar with baby foods.

The baby diet phenomenon was believed to be started by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. In this type of diet, we cut calories and control portions. If you used to eat two meals or snacks in one day, you will have to replace them with jars of baby food whose calories range from 20 to 100.

If you think this baby food diet is for weight loss, you are wrong because this type of diet is intended for body maintenance. If you lose weight, the body will keep the pound off.

There are various rules but none of which are official yet. But some of the rules state that we must eat 14 jars of baby food during the day, while at evening we can have our usual dinner. Logically, we can think that people can lose weight as they replace their usual meals with baby portions of bananas or peas. And portion control does not seem too hard because many people think that eating two spoonfool of it is difficult.

The Eating Rules: The Dos and The Don’ts

You can eat any kinds of baby foods, including vegetables, pureed fruits, few meats such as chicken turkey, and beef, with gravy.

Before really applying this kind of diet, you might want to have some trial and errors to see how your stomach reacts to this kind of food. And this is not cheap, though. Some of those who have tried said that the readily digested fare speeds through their system.

Are You Interested in Having Baby Food Diet Meal Plans?

The level of effort is high. You have to stop eating your regular foods. And it takes high commitment too in chewing.

The baby foods available are not varied. There is no pizza or burger made for babies. And if you follow this diet, you will stock a lot of baby foods and do less cooking.

Restrictions and Preferences

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan it will be easy to have this baby food diet because most baby foods are made of fruits and vegetables. However, protein sourced from plants is not usually found in baby foods.


You might suffer from nutritional imbalances when you replace your general foods with baby foods. In most cases, your stomach will easily grumble after meal because most of the foods are made of protein and fiber and chewing a lot is essential to make you feel full.
Talk to your doctor before starting this baby food diet.


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