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How to Choose The Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

How to Choose The Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

golf cFor a long time you just watch golf and suddenly you are interested to try and play. What you probably will do for the first time is going ahead to the sporting goods store nearest to your place to find the set for you. But there are hundreds of set available and you will be confused, especially if you never ever hold anything related to golf before.

One if the thing that a beginner must put attention when buying is the golf clubs. Here are the tips to choose golf clubs for beginners that will certainly make everything easier.

1. Try the clubs of your friend

Since choosing golf club for beginner can be quite tricky, you can try with what your friends have before deciding to buy. If you have friends who are golfers, you can try their clubs at a driving range. By doing this, you will get the sense of the clubs that you really want to buy. You can also get more insight about golf clubs from those who are expert in golf clubs by visiting with the professionals at a local golf course or pro shop.

2. Purchase half set of clubs specially made for beginners

Half set of clubs are beginner golf clubs, which consist of five irons—a four, six, eight, pitching wedge and sand iron—a three and five-wood, and a putter. What you can’t find in the set are a two, three and four iron, and a driver which is hard for beginners to use. The half set is cheaper than the complete set but it’s really important because it can help improve your swing as a beginner. When you think you are ready for the next step, there are two options available for you: trade it in or add more clubs into your set.

3. Try first before buying

Trying your new sets of club before buying is crucial. You can try at the indoor driving ranges available at a large sporting goods store and pro shop. Buying online can be cheaper, but you cannot try it. And if it doesn’t suite you, you can’t return the clubs.

4. Clubs with perimeter-weighted heads are better

Clubs with perimeter-weighted heads have greater ‘sweet spot’ which will be more forgiving. Graphite shafts are more ideal for beginners, even though it is more costly than the steel shafts. They are also lighter, and with the weight put in the head, it will be easier for you to swing the club a bit faster.

5. Choose clubs with good grips if you buy used clubs

The grips are essential when you play golf. So, if you find that the grips of the used clubs you buy are not in good condition, you can have them repaired or replaced, or you can do it yourself too. Just make sure the new grips are the same size with the old ones.

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A Guide to Buy Golf Shafts

When talking about golf performance, the golf club shafts are often ignored. While in fact, your golf club performance really depends on the length, kick-point, weight, flex, and alignment of your golf shaft. So, when buying a golf club, you better put your attention on the shaft too.

Types of Golf Shafts

1. Steel Shafts

Steel shafts are mostly made from carbon steel, and sometimes also from stainless steel. Compared to graphite, steel shafts are less expensive but more durable and stronger. With this shaft, you will have more control on shots and a greater emphasis on accuracy. But to be able to perform like graphite, you have to swing your club faster.

There are two typws of steel shafts: stepped steel shafts and rifle steel shaft. The diameter of the steeped shafts are reduced from the wider butt end to narrower tip end until it reaches the clubhead’s hosel. In riffle shaft, there is no steps on the shaft.

2. Graphite Shafts

Though more expensive than steel, graphite shafts are less durable. Graphite is lightweight, which provides greater swing speed for more power. However, the flex generated during swing will sacrifice your control. This shaft is available in many flexes and colors, thus many amateurs and professionals love it so much.

Lady golfers and senior golfers who don’t have much power to produce swing speed usually prefer this shaft. The weight is in range of 50-85 grams, while the steel counterparts can reach 120 grams.

3. Multi-Material Shafts

Multi-material shafts are now also available in the market, combining steel and graphite. Typically, it is mainly a steel shaft with the tip made from graphite. The steel makes the shaft solid, allowing you to control the ball flight more while the graphite tip will give limited amount of ‘whip’ to the ball so that you can produce more distance.

4. Titanium Shafts

The titanium is just used in this industry and there is not much information available about this new shaft. This shaft is more lightweight than steel and it is able to dampen vibrations.

5. Nanofuse Shafts

Nanofuse shaft is not steel but metallic and it is not graphite, but rooted in carbon fiber. These types of shafts are created by fusing a nanocrystalline alloy with a carbon fibre composite polymer sublayer. The nanofuse shaft has small and tight grain structure which dramatically increases the strength.

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How to Choose The Right Golf Club Sets


A golf club set is one of the most needed by every golfer. There is a board of choices, in terms of sizes, models, makes, and of course price. However, the pricier the golf club set will not guarantee that you will play better. So, if you are on budget, find the golf club sets that really fix your budget and your play.

While most professional golfers tend to buy every club separately, recreational golfers and beginning or intermediate golfers like to buy the golf club set because it offers several advantages, including that each of the club will have similar look and feel. And again, economically, it is good to buy a set of golf club because you will a bag as bonus. You can make this as your golf investment.

The standard set of golf clubs includes a putter, a pitching wedge, 7 irons or hybrids, and 3 woods (1, 3, 5). Since in the golf rule, you can buy 14 clubs in your bag, if you buy a golf club set you still can add 2 more.

Long shots from the fairway and driving off the tree usually require you to use woods. The modern woods are made of metal, instead of real wood like the ancestors. Meanwhile, if you want to make recovery shots, approach shots, chip shots, for example, irons will be your best choice. The pitching wedge is used for short shots when approaching the green and a putter is used on both the green and the fringe.


Choosing The Right Golf Club Sets


There are 3 sizes of golf club heads: standard, midsize, and oversized. The standard has a small sweets pot but easy to control. A bit larger is the midsize. The last is oversized with large sweet spot but it is a bit hard to control.


There are two shafts available for woods and irons: steel or graphite. Steer is heavier but more durable. Graphite is lightweight and perfect to hit long shots, but less durable.


The shaft flex refers to the amount of bend in the club. Beginner with average swing speed will use the regular flex while the experienced golfer with faster swing speed will choose stiff flex.


And what about golf cart? Do you think you need one?



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Tips on Buying Golf Carts


In golf, golf cart can be an additional tool that can help a lot. For example, using this golf cart, disabled players can be helped to move during the busy golf season. This golf cart is also used as modes of transportation off the course. There are many types of golf carts available in the market and you have to know about this before buying. From the energy used, there are electric and gas carts. The features can also be different between each of the cart.


Gas vs Electric Golf Carts: Which One is Better?

The gas powered cart is the golf cart which is powered using gasoline with the average horsepower of 10 to 12 while the electric golf cart is powered by rechargeable battery with the average horsepower of 3 to 5. However, with different batteries and models, electric golf cart can have better performance.

If we compare one battery with one tank of gasoline, then the gasoline will last longer. The higher horsepower is also useful when accelerating, reaching top speeds, or moving in hilly structure. In case of electric golf cart, you will need to recharge the battery every couple of days, depending how much you use the cart and how big is the battery size. If your battery is taken care well, it will need replacement every 5 or 6 years. But if you don’t take care well of the battery, you will need to replace it every 2 or 3 year. And to note, accessories you use such as heaters, radio, lights, or fans will reduce the battery life.

However, the noise in gas golf cart tends to be louder and noisier while electric cart tends to be more silent. While gas golf cart owner spend money so much on gasoline, electric cart owner can laugh because they don’t need any gasoline, plus the maintenance costs are minimal.

If you love the environment, you will prefer using electric because does not release emission while the gas cart releases harmful emission which is dangerous for the environment.

So, which one do you think you prefer?



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3 Best Golf Putting Drills


A gold tour event is in fact a putting contest. The winners are the best putters. To be a good a putter you must learn the right technique. Here are 3 best golf putting drills that are designed to improve your ability to hole the ball on the green.

1. Clock Drill

The first golf putting drill is called clock drill. This golf drill is good to make short putts. The clock drill is used to name this drill because it looks like the position of 3, 6, 9, and 12 of a clock. You just need to put three balls with a distance of 3, 6, and 9 meters from the hole. Consider this number 12 of a clock. Repeat this on the other numbers: 3, 6, 9. The goal in this practice is to make all twelve in a row. If you miss even just one last ball, you have to go back to the beginning and start all over again.

2. Ladder drill

The second golf practice drill is called ladder drill. It is to practice to make short putts inside 5 feet from the hole. This drill is designed to improve putting from longer distances. Place a tee on the ground in one line with the distance of 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet, and 40 feet away from the hole. The goal is to make the ball stop as close as possible to the tee. From the first tee, hit a 30-foot putt, followed by 20-foot putt followed by a 10-foot putt to the final tee. After this is done, start it all again with the other direction. It the first is uphill, the second must be downhill putts. This ladder drill will certainly improve your feel on the greens.

3. Path drill

The last drill for golf is path drill which is useful to improve the consistent path. Put two clubs on a flat area, wide enough to to place the putter head behind the ball. Swing the putter between the two clubs before hitting the ball. If your ball hits the clubs, it means your swing is not consistent. Practice until you can hit the balls without making it touch the club.


If you also want to know about golf driving tips, click here.



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Comparing An Outdoor with Indoor Putting Green


After practicing golf for some couple time, you may finally decide that you will have one mini golf training complex at your own home. When this decision comes, another consideration must be made: will it be outside or indoor putting green that I need best. To help you answer this question, there are many factors to consider. If you take all these factors into account, you will be able to choose between outdoor and putting greens.


If you have an open space, for instance in your backyard, to put the outdoor putting greens, then you should not be confused anymore. In fact, golf is meant to be played outside, and it will give you more room and space that the inner practice putting green. The outdoor putting greens will give you more space for creativity too, in case you want to add things or design your own very chipping surface.


The controlled environment will give you access to play outside. However, since the weather and all have become unpredictable and uncontrolled, indoor putting greens seem to be the best option. When playing outside, there may be snow falls or rain falls, and that is bad for you golf practice. Though you can’t be as free as when you play outside, play inside the house in these uncontrolled seasons is the better idea.


Logically, we can assume that indoor putting greens will be smaller since they will be put in limited space. Thus, installing the indoor greens will eventually be cheaper than the outdoor ones. If the cost is a factor for you, it will be better to choose indoor putting greens. However, if you don’t mind to spend more money and you don’t limit the budget, you are free to choose which one is to your preference.

Based on the factors above, in most cases indoor putting greens are highly recommended that the outdoor ones.


Want to know how to find the best shoes for your golf practice? Click here.




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Left Handed Golf Tips for Every Left Handed Golfer


Are you left handed? Sometimes, when it comes to golf, left handed person might find some difficulties if compared to their daily activities. For left handed golfer, strength is usually the most difficult problem along the technique on how to control the ball. The left handed golf lesson below will help you to be a good left handed golfer.


What Is Needed by Left Handed Golfers?

The principles are actually the same for right and left handed golf. The side of your hand does not matter much as long as you know the basics of golf. After mastering the fundamental techniques, you can start learning the advanced ones.


Are You A New Beginner in Left Handed Golf?

If you are a new left handed golfer, you must know that the vital tip you must follow is to always keep the head down during the full swing, which actually also applies for right handed persons too. Most new players want to know the movement of the ball by lifting the head while hitting which is actually a very big mistake because this will cause you to focus more on the ball rather than on the swing.

Most new players also do not evolve their hips and body completely while hitting the ball, while in fact it is also another big mistake. To make a more powerful swing, the left handed golfers must twist to the right as far as possible. Another thing you need to do to make a powerful hitting is just making your right hip lead and after that your hands must follow it.


How to Make A Stronger Swing

The strength of the shot depends on your swing. Left handed golf players will use the right hand to make the swing and use the left hand to complete the swing. This will give you strength because you combine the power of your dominant sides and dominant hand.

An entire follow through is required to end the swing. Instead of ending it on your heels, you need to end it on the feet balls. To have maximum power, it is highly recommended that you make full rotation with your hips.


How to Manage Your Course Play

When talking about course management, it means you have to play as many courses as possible. From these courses, you will know the difficulties of the right and left playing.

Another thing to anticipate is the dog holes. To play perfectly, a draw shot is needed because it will let you curve the ball from right to left. Remember that practice makes perfect. But you also need to rest. After have some rests, you can get your courses and practice more to improve your skill and golfing technique as a left handed golfer.


If you want to know more golf tips, click here.

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5 Golf Tips for Women Beginner

Are you a woman and new in golf? The biggest problem seems to be the strength. Also, there are some mistakes done by women beginner. Here are golf tips for women right from the expert that you can practice to improve your golf.


1. Find the right fit

The best way to learn golf is by buying the right equipment. If you are committed in playing golf, you have to make this equipment as an investment. Find the clubs that fit you well, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can go to a qualified club fitter to get the right measurement for your clubs. In this case, borrowed clubs are quite counterproductive.


2. Take a series of lesson

You have to learn the fundamental techniques, including club choice, swing, grip, and a short game from a professional instructor. This will give you the basis to play golf and in the game, most people miss this. Sometimes beginner also cuts this process by having suggestion from fellow golfers. However, learning a series of basis lesson is an important investment.


3. Have a practice schedule

At least twice a week regularly, go to your local driving range to incorporate the lessons that you learn from instructor. Here you can practice all the basis of golf techniques you have on the previous lessons. If you play consistently, you will a consistent play. If you play random, the play will also be random. Remember that!


4. Do not push yourself

The focus of your practice during the first two years is to develop your game rather than your score. You can try different clubs, different shots, anything that will improve your game. You are still new so don’t push yourself too hard.


5. Join a beginner’s league

There are leagues for beginners in all over the places. Join them to practice your technique in a competitive environment. And in the beginner’s league, you will feel comfortable to play with players at your own level skill. You can have your public course to inquire about beginner’s leagues.




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Golf Downswing Tips: How to Start Downswing?


This is the trick and tips on how to start downswing.


The Right Start (Left Picture)

When you move from bottom to top, move your weight to your front foot. The little forward bump will cause the hands and arms to drop inside, which will give you a strong move through the ball. Rotating body as hard as you want is permitted. You must make sure that your weight goes toward the target before you start.


right and wrong start of downswing

The Wrong Start (Right Picture)

It’s wrong if you just turn from the top. Many golfers think that it is enough to turn more so they will whip their hips around when starting the downswing. This is not good because the arms and club will be thrown away from the body due to the open left side spins.




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Golf Driving Tips: How to Drive A Golf Ball Well


There are some swings you can do in order to drive the golf ball properly and well. Here are the swing for the best driving.


Turn Your Left Shoulder over the Ball when You Are Under Pressure

Any golfer can feel tense and nervous, especially on their on the first tee or a tough driving hole. This condition can lead the golfer to make short and fast backswing. You must focus to make a full, rhythmic motion to the top. Even when you don’t have the flexibility to do it, you can try to move your lead shoulder behind the ball. Since your body will be loaded to the right side, you can shift forward coming down.

When under pressure, golfers tend not to grip the club properly. To solve this problem, keep some motions in your feet and fingers by waggling the club back and forth.


Keep Your Back to The Target Starting Down when You Fight A Slice

Forcing the right shoulder out toward the ball when starting the downswing can make the swing path steep. As a result, the ball will across from out to in. If you stay back your right shoulder, the club will drop inside when you start down. Therefore, you need to keep your back facing the target longer in the downswing. You can make a full turn behind the ball with your shoulder at passive position.

With the club dropping to the inside, you will be able to swing out to the ball, letting your arms to release and square the clubface.


Your Body Must Not Stop Turning when You Fight A Hook

Most big hooks happen when the body slows down through the hitting area, which leads to the swing momentum to flip the club over and snap the face closed. You must keep turning your whole body toward the target to avoid that. When starting down, shift to your left side, and then turn hard to the left. This way, you will not make the club flip, which means that you can fix the hooks.




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