8 Mongolia Travel Tips You Must Know

When you hear Mongolia, what comes first in your mind? The desert and the camels, or the mountains? No matter what, Mongolia has plenty places to explore. But, if you really want to travel here, you must read carefully these Mongolia travel tips below.

1. Trust on how your driver navigates you

Where you are in a vehicle with a driver, what you need to do is sit down and enjoy the scenery and view along the way, without needing to worry about how and where he will bring you to. Most drivers in Mongolia are greatly skilled at navigating, so it’s better if you just put down your maps, GPS, or anything. You just sit there and enjoy the journey. However, if they drive too fast, you can ask them to slow down.

2. Beware of the relaxed time

In Mongolia, time is relaxed. They don’t pay much attention to time. If you need to be on time on certain occasion, for example, if you catch a flight, be sure to emphasize it to them. If not, the time can be some minutes or hours more than what you expected.

3. Spend some time with the local kids

Yes, they are cute and friendly. But it’s better to ask permission from the parents and family if you want to take picture.

4. Be prepared for long car rides

The rides in Mongolia are mostly loooong. The vans are mostly equipped with stereo systems that can play cassettes. Remember, it’s cassettes, not CDs or DVDs. So, if you plan to travel here, it is good if you bring your old cassettes along. Meds are also recommended for those who get easily car-sick.

5. Make friends

Many people from many countries (which are far away) have been in Mongolia for a long time. You can make a bound of a good friendship with them.

6. Make a visit to a nomadic family

It is very possible that you meet the nomadic family on your rides. If so, make sure you stop and talk to them. Mongolians are happy to share view minutes with visitors. You will be offered a seat and some milk tea. Take a sip at minimum, at least, to show your appreciation. And if you intend to visit them, make sure you bring small gifts they don’t have as it is customary. You can bring anything like candies, toys, or anything.

7. Bring quality camera

A decent camera is a must to capture the greatness of this country. Yes, because this city is epic and you must capture it epically too.

8. Be prepared to skip shower

It is so hard to shower regularly when you have Mongolia travel trip, so bring a kind of dry shampoo if you are a bit fussy. Or, well, deodorant maybe?


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