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Golf Equipment

Finding the Best Golf Club Sets – Golf Clubs Reviews and Buying Guide


Find the Best Golf Club Sets for Men

Discover men’s golf clubs that enhance your game.

Choose modern men’s golf drivers and fairway woods with technology to help you gain extra yardage off the tee. Find the hybrids, irons and wedges that get you to the green quicker. Add precision to your short game with the perfect putters. Consider golf club sets for men if you’re a beginner, recreational player or just want to get a new complete set of clubs.

Select the flex and shaft material that brings out your best performance.

Browse from top brands in golf like TaylorMade, Titleist, PING, Callaway, Cleveland, ADAMS, Cobra, Scotty Cameron, Odyssey, Mizuno, Nike, Nickent, Wilson and more.

Understand the flex you need. Choose the right flex for your speed swing, or it could cost you distance.

Extra Stiff: Fastest swing speeds

Stiff: Fast swing speeds

Regular: Average swing speeds

Senior: Slower swing speeds

Decide if you want a steel or graphite shaft. Graphite shafts are lighter and make it easier to achieve faster swings.

When selecting a driver, decide if you want the ability to adjust your loft, lie angle or center of gravity. For irons, choose between muscle back and cavity back styles.

You only get 14 clubs. Determine the right combination of metalwoods, hybrids, irons and wedges for your game.

Look into acquiring some versatile hybrids. Replace one or more of your long irons or fairway woods with easier-to-hit hybrids.

Add a gap wedge and lob wedge to your bag. A gap wedge helps you fill the space between a pitching wedge and a sand wedge so you can hit a full shot. A typical lob wedge has a 60-degree loft. Lob the ball high into the air and experience a steep drop onto the green with little or no roll.

Experience the joy of splitting a tree-lined fairway and the rush of watching a 20-foot putt disappear into the cup with the perfect set of golf clubs.

Attack every pin with confidence. Discover golf drivers, fairway woods and hybrids that will give you that extra yardage off the tee, and state-of-the-art putters to gain accuracy and consistency on the green. Add dependable irons and wedges to your bag so you have a club for every possible lie.

Find men’s golf clubs and women’s golf clubs from TaylorMade®, Callaway®, PING®, Titleist®, Mizuno®, Nike®, Cobra®, Cleveland®, ADAMS®, Wilson® and more.

Choose the correct shaft flex to improve your game. Select from extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior and ladies. Determine which shaft you need by looking at the distance you hit your driver. If you can carry your drive more than 250 years, go with stiff. A regular shaft is typically for the player hitting 230 to 250 yards. Consider a senior shaft if you hit your drive between 200 and 230 yards. A ladies shaft works with players hitting drives less than 200 yards. Extra stiff shafts are generally for players with very high swing speeds.

Consider a complete set of golf clubs if you’re a beginner, which includes everything from a driver to a putter – and even the golf bag. As you learn your game and better understand the performance features you need in a club, you can add and replace clubs in your set. Know that official rules state players cannot carry more than 14 clubs in their bag at one time.

Try booking a custom club fitting with certified experts at your local Golf Galaxy . The knowledgeable and highly trained staff can tell you the proper length, grip size, shaft flex, lie angle, sole radius and bounce angles you need in each club to give you optimal performance.

In order for your golf clubs to last and look new longer, take good care of them. Carry a towel so you can clean the club face after shots. Use a tee to clean out the grooves. Clean your clubs after the driving range. Consider wiping your grips down with warm water and mild soap to keep them from getting slick and aging.

Top Golf Clubs

Find the best golf clubs for your next round . Browse the biggest brands and top golf club collections, including:

Great Big Bertha Epic

Callaway Steelhead XR

TaylorMade New M1 & M2

Titleist 917 Drivers & Fairway Woods

Cobra KING F7 & F7+ Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids & Irons

Take a look at golf club reviews to help you decide which club is right for you and check back for the latest golf club deals at DICK’S Sporting Goods.


Get Ready for the Course with High-Quality Golf Clubs

Equip your game the right way with industry-leading golf clubs and club sets from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Find golf equipment that matches your unique swing mechanics and playing style. Move from a fairway wood or iron to an easier-to-hit hybrid. Customize the lie and loft of your club to the unique mechanics of your game. New adjustability settings let you dial in your club for a more customized game.

With the right club, you can enjoy your time on the course. Outfit your bag with these essentials:

  • Golf drivers for launching it off the tee like never before
  • Golf irons and iron sets for maximum playability
  • Fairway woods for breakthrough distance and trajectory
  • Hybrid golf clubs for bridging the gap between your iron and fairway wood
  • Putters for pinpoint accuracy in your short game

Select from a variety of materials and features designed to enhance your performance. Shop top golf brands, including PING®, TaylorMade®, Callaway® and many more. If you’re searching for more affordable golf clubs, check out our clearance golf clubs and apparel or shop used golf clubs for pre-owned golf clubs and demo clubs.

Looking for more? Browse all golf equipment and apparel and golf training aids from DICK’S Sporting Goods.


Golf Club Buying Guide

Learn more about the clubs in your bag before making your selection.

Golf drivers help you achieve distance and flight off the tee. You can select from standard, midsize and oversized clubheads and a variety of materials, from innovative titanium to popular aluminum. Today’s larger clubfaces have larger sweet spots and promote greater stability and power on impact. In addition, drivers come in many lofts, typically between 8 and 15 degrees for men and 10 and 15 degrees for women.

Fairway woods are typically used for shots along the fairway. They have a higher loft than your driver and feature a smaller profile that can be used for directional control from tee or fairway. These clubs are typically made of graphite.

Irons are used for shots of less than 200 yards. Traditional iron sets include eight irons—three through nine irons and a pitching wedge. You can choose from game-improvement or player irons. A low profile, wide sole and lower center of gravity make them exceptionally playable.

Putters come in blade, mallet and alignment clubhead designs. Three to four degrees of loft provides smooth roll and limited skidding on the green.

Determine your ability level before selecting your clubs. Golfers fall into three general categories based on their ability level: low handicap, mid handicap and high handicap. Your handicap is your performance against the par on a course, usually in relation to a par 72 course.

Low-handicap golfers should opt for a driver and at least one fairway wood, most likely the 3-wood. These players can benefit from lower irons in their bag.

Mid-handicap golfers might try a driver, a 3-wood and a 5-wood for better control and consistency than harder-to-hit long irons. For irons, try a pitching wedge and irons 3 through 9.

High-handicap golfers may opt to play without the driver in their bag. Instead, try a 3-wood.

Featuring the latest in booming Driver technology, Fairway Woods with full custom adjustability, as well as versatile Hybrids that bring distance and forgiveness from every lie on the course. We also carry hundreds of Iron Sets in a wide variety of specifications, making it easier than ever to find the right lie angle, set composition, and performance characteristics to help you land greens and score lower. In the short game department, stocks Wedges of all lofts and bounce angles, including custom grinds and unique finishes to help you stay sharp around the green, while a vast array of Putters in all lengths and head shapes ensure you’ll find the right flat stick that suits your eye and rolls true. For beginning golfers, or one-stop shoppers, we also carry a large sampling of Complete Sets, Beginner Sets and Junior Clubs, providing players of all skill levels all they need to hit the course right out of the box.


Golf Clubs Complete Sets

Perfect for beginners or experienced golfers looking for a great value on a full on upgrade, complete sets from are available in a wide selection of prices, make-up, and skill level, ensuring no matter your needs you can find what you’re looking for. Casual golfers can choose from our many beginner sets, featuring a full set of clubs and all the bells and whistles you’ll need to get out on the course and start learning the game. More experienced golfers looking to save some money, or perhaps looking to upgrade an older set after some time away from golf, will be best suited with one of our more premium complete sets, loaded with high-end name brand equipment from driver to wedges, all in one simple and convenient purchase.

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Choosing the Best Golf Cart Covers That You Need


Golf is one of the most loved games in the world. Just like selecting any other golf equipment, you need to put some considerations for you to choose the best golf cart covers. The best golf cart covers will help you to keep all the equipment away from excess sunlight and water. This will ensure that they are in top condition while still enhancing their durability. Although there are plenty of golf cart roof covers on the market, not all of them live to deliver what they promise. To help you get the best, we have prepared a list of the best products available on the market.


Add Comfort with Golf Cart Accessories

Ride in style. Ride in comfort. Add golf cart accessories for added luxury on the course.

Consider the following golf cart accessories to bring for your next round:

Golf Cart Covers: Protect your cart from the weather damage and dirt. Look for water-repellent fabric that won’t shrink or stretch. Get covers with air vents to reduce wind lofting and moisture.

Golf Cart Enclosures: Four-sided enclosures fit over your golf cart roof. Roll down the sides when you need weather protection. Looks for clear, vinyl windows for the best visibility.

Portable Golf Cart Windshields: Protect you and your partner against the wind and rain while riding on the course.

Golf Seat Blankets: Gain protection from cold, wet and dirty golf cart seats.

Golf Push Cart Accessories: Add a seat, bottle holder or umbrella holder to your push cart.

Discover top-quality golf cart accessories from brands like Classic Accessories or ProActive Sports.


Golf cart covers are very useful to protect your investments. Golf carts don’t come cheap so it is important that it should be cared for just like other vehicles that you own by using golf cart covers to protect them during off-days. Here at, you will find a large variety of golf cart covers that can fit a wide range of golf vehicles. We carry EZ Go golf cart covers and Yamaha golf cart covers, among other brands. Additionally, our wide selection of golf cart covers is perfect for protection against rain, winter, and other weather changes.

Customers who have already purchased golf cart covers from us, such as EZ Go golf cart covers and Yamaha golf cart covers, found that our products are some of the toughest and most UV-resistant covers on the market. Not only can our golf cart covers protect your investments against the sun and rain, but our EZ Go golf cart covers and Yamaha golf cart covers also provide 24-hour defense against damage, dirt, and debris.

Browse through our vast array of golf cart covers to find which one fits your vehicle perfectly. Our entire selection of golf cart covers feature elasticized cords in the bottom hem to make sure that all types of vehicles can fit our covers. Two front and two back clamshell vents are also included so that condensation and lofting is prevented, while the bottom grommets of our golf cart covers allow the covers to be secured and locked to the carts themselves. This guarantees owners of golf cart covers that no one can steal the covers under your watch. When you buy EZ Go and Yamaha golf cart covers from us, you can be assured easy access to your vehicles because of the back zippers that let you inside the golf cart without removing the covers.

Whether you have a 2-seater, 4-seater, or even an 8-seater cart, we have the ideal golf cart covers for you. Now, if you really are outdoor- and nature-lover type who loves playing golf in the most challenging places, why not invest in golf cart covers that offer defense against mosquitoes and insects? We have golf cart covers manufactured with different materials such as mesh and camouflage. If you want to play around with a variety of shades for your carts, choose from our most affordable golf cart covers available in green, taupe, and gray, just to name a few.

For the holidays, it’s best to buy golf cart covers for winter and rain. With heavy-duty golf cart storage covers, you can breathe a sigh of relief as our selection of golf cart covers gives you the best defense against harmful and external elements.

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Choosing the Best Golf Push/Pull Carts for Convenience


Discover the ultimate in convenience with golf pull carts and golf push carts.

Give your back a break and find a push/pull cart to add ease during your next round.

Consider the following when choosing your next cart:

More features add bulk. Strike a balance between the number of features and the weight of your cart. Features include storage space for your scorecard, pencil, ball marker, golf balls, tees, GPS or beverages.

Not all push/pull carts collapse completely. Find a cart that is easy to get in and out of your trunk.

If you golf on hilly golf courses, consider a cart with a cable hand brake so you can slow the cart while walking down a steep incline.

Look for a cart with a quality handle to improve control and comfort.

Carts with larger wheels have an easier time on rough terrain.

Select golf push carts and golf pull carts from top brands like Bag Boy, Clicgear, Sun Mountain and Top Flite.


Why You Need A Best Golf Push Cart

Convenience: being able to move around on the green with all your golfing gear will have a significant impact on your game. When playing golf, you should never have to worry about locating a club, gloves or even a ball when playing and you should only concentrate on playing the game. The push-pull cart offers you convenience by ensuring that everything that you need is close to you, and you can easily retrieve it when you need it.

Speeds up Play: It can be annoying when playing with someone whom you have to wait for a couple of minutes as they try to locate their gear when it is their round. When the game is slowed down, it becomes very boring but with a push-pull cart, you will never have to delay your play as you will always have what you need close to you.

It Reduces Fatigue: If you do not have enough money, or you are not willing to spend an extra coin to hire a cart or pay a caddie then, you will have to carry your gear around the course. There are several clubs and other equipment that are involved in the game, and so they can be very heavy and hence leading to fatigue. The cart eliminates or reduces fatigue since you do not have to carry anything and hence you can save your energy for the game.

Eliminates the Need For Caddies: Caddies can be very helpful on the course, but it does not always feel good to have someone running behind you carrying your gear. Apart from this, they also have to be paid, and they are also known to misplace gear. With the push-pull cart, you do not have to hire a caddie since you can push or pull the cart yourself.

It is Stylish And Adds Some Professionalism: A push-pull cart is a stylish equipment, and it makes you look like a serious or professional golfer when on the course. If you chose a good design, you would stand out from the other golfers on the course.


Learn About Push Golf Carts For The Course

Effortlessly navigate the course ahead with the help of a golf push cart from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

The latest golf push carts are designed for secure storage and easy maneuverability—so you can make the most of your time on the links. The best golf push carts offer a variety of storage features, high-strength materials and ergonomic design.

Browse all golf bags or shop golf push carts from brands like Top Flite®, Spritzer®, Bag Boy® and more.

Golf push carts are manually pushed or pulled across the golf course, though some come equipped with a small motor for extra power. Golfers typically pair these bags with a golf cart bag. Consider these factors when selecting your new gear:

Think about the handle of your golf cart. Look for one that’s easy to grip and control on the course. Some come with extra padding for comfort.

Larger wheels help you handle the variety of terrains you may encounter on the course. Ultra-durable rubber-tread or ABS wheels provide added ruggedness.

Some pull carts have a battery-powered motor that help you handle heavier loads and difficult terrain.

A variety of frame materials is available. Aluminum frames are ultra-lightweight yet stable. Powder-coated metal is especially moisture-resistant for durability.

Lock braking systems ensure your cart stays in place on the course or while in storage.


Consult product information for details on your new push cart

Many come with features that provide much-needed utility on the course. In addition to secure bag straps, some models come with umbrella holders, storage nets and beverage holders, coolers and more. Keep in mind, however, that extra features can sometimes add weight to your cart.


There are two kinds of golfers in this world: those who use a cart and those who walk the course

If you’re a course walker, it isn’t uncommon to use a golf push cart. Instead of you lugging your bag full of clubs for a full 18 holes, attach them to a handy push cart and let that carry the weight. You’re still getting the exercise from walking, but just not the burden of all those extra pounds on your back. You won’t tire as quickly and you’re likely to shoot a better score. Today’s push carts are usually three- or four-wheel units complete with extra storage for some of your accessories like a scorecard, balls, tees, umbrella, and beverage.

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Choosing the Best Golf Cart Wheels and Tires


Golf Cart Wheels on our site come in sizes ranging from 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″ in diameter. Sizes do not effect golf cart or wheel performance, so choose any sized wheel based on your preference! The diameter of golf cart tires mounted on these wheel sizes range from 18″ (standard OEM) up to 23″ (most all-terrain tires). All you need to decide is whether you would like standard (non-lifted) golf cart wheels and tires or a lifted (oversized) wheel and tire kit.

Golf cart tires on our site come in diameters (height from ground to top of tire) ranging from 18″ tall to 23″ tall for aluminum and steel golf cart wheels sized 8″ through 14″. Select one of the buttons below to shop for standard height golf cart tires (non-lifted carts) or to shop for golf cart tires for lifted carts. We carry golf cart tires for all EZGO, Yamaha and Club Car golf cart models.

Our Extensive selection of Golf Cart Wheels and Tires offers hundreds of different Wheel and Tire options from the Premier Vendors in the industry.

Our new “Easy Match” System takes the guessing out of selecting a Tire that will match perfectly with your Wheel.

It’s as easy as finding a Wheel you like, clicking on the tire that best fits your terrain then adding your quantity.

The pricing is automatically adjusted for you on-the-fly. View, click, add and GO!

Standard 18.5′ X 8″ (8″ Wheels) up to 10″ wheels with 215 X 40 X 10 (Low Profile) tires do not require a Lift Kit.

Tire sizes over 20.5″ require a Lift Kit of some type. Refer to the lift kit specifications to see what size tires they will support.


All About Golf Cart Tires and Wheels


Modern golf cart tires are tubeless and come in a wide variety of sizes and tread patterns. All tubeless golf cart tires have a thick ‘bead’ at the inner diameter of the tire on each side and air pressure pushes the bead against the wheel to form an air tight seal. Standard golf cart tires (factory) measure 18″ tall (outer diameter) x 8.5″ wide (across the tread) x 8″ at the bead (inner diameter). It is written 18 x 8.5 x 8 where the first number is the overall diameter of the golf car tire, the second is the width at the tread and the third is the diameter of the golf cart wheel. Please see illustration at left.

On golf cart tires, the designation ‘NHS’ means Non Highway Service. This generally follows the tires size discussed above. The rating means the tire cannot stand the pressures created by high loads and/or high speed rotation. They work fine for golf carts, but if you’re planning on going really fast, you might want to consider a ‘B’ or ‘C’ rated highway tire. They have more plies (layers) and better rubber to withstand the punishment of high speed road use.


Tire Pressure

Your golf cart’s tire pressure is critical to long tire life. Proper tire pressure is usually indicated on the sidewall and will vary between brands or models of golf cart tires. Most golf car tires use somewhere between 15 to 25 PSI (pounds per square inch) with an average of about 20-22 PSI. Many off-road tires may use as little air pressure as 12-15 PSI for added traction. Keep in mind that the greater the tire pressure, the easier the golf cart will roll, but the ride becomes stiffer and the center of the tire may wear prematurely. Too much air will also reduce your traction as only the middle of the golf cart tire makes sufficient contact with the ground. Lower air pressure provides a smoother ride and provides more traction, but also takes more power to turn the wheels. If you go too low, then the outer edges of the tire may wear prematurely. You may need to modify your golf cart’s tire pressure from the manufacturer’s specifications to best meet your specific needs for your golf car.


Tire Tread Patterns

Golf cart tire tread patterns vary from smooth (no tread at all) for greens mowers to straight rib and sawtooth for golf, turf, and street, to every type of knobby imaginable for off-road, mud, sand, and lifted application. We carry a full line of golf cart tires in our online store for golf/street use and for all types of off-road terrain. Here are a few of the common tread types used in the smaller 18-20” sizes.

Some golf car tires use a directional tread, such as the Mud Buster, Stryker or Swamp Fox. Be careful to mount your tires properly and place them on the correct side of the golf cart, so that the tread rotates forward. These golf cart tires provide great traction and, if mounted properly, will channel mud and dirt to the rear outside of the tire and help to keep the tread clean from debris.

Sand tires are very different from most normal tread patterns. Generally, sand tires look like they literally have ‘paddles’. Sand reacts very differently from hard terrain conditions. Since sand has a tendency to move and slide, the paddles are designed to provide maximum traction under these conditions.

Knobby tires are produced in literally hundreds of different tread patterns. Most have only slight differences in the shape of each knob or lugs. These slight differences in knob shape are designed to help each knobby perform effectively under specific conditions or terrain. Although some knobbies are very specific to terrain types (mud), many are very accommodating to various terrains and conditions.

All terrain tires represent the best of all worlds.  Typically, they have adequate tread to handle mild off-road use, while at the same time are not as aggressive as the other mentioned above.  They are much more “yard friendly” than the others. Please check out the tread pattern examples below.


Golf Cart Wheels

The rubber tires just described are useless without a golf cart wheel to which it is mounted. Golf cart wheels are generally made from steel or aluminum and can be painted or chromed. Wheels have rim flanges at their outer edges that provide a ‘seat’ for the ‘bead’ of the golf cart tire and a small hole for the valve stem. Golf cart wheels are generally 8″-14”across at the bead seat and 7-8″ across from flange to flange. Most have a lug pattern which is commonly referred to as a “4 on 4” style. This means the wheel has four holes spaced on a 4″ circle, when measured diagonally

Golf cart wheels are designed for low speeds and should not be used for high speed highway travel. If you need trailer tires or plan to make your golf car go fast, be sure to use DOT (Dept. Of Transportation) approved wheels on which to mount your highway tires. Just like the golf car tire, the golf car wheel cannot sustain the stress of high speed rotation under heavy loads.

Golf cart wheels are generally produced in two mounting styles for golf cart purposes – center mount and negative offset. The differences between the two styles are based on the position of the mounting flange (center of the wheel where the lug bolts go through). Center mount wheels have the mounting flange located directly in the middle of the wheel width, when measuring side to side.

Center mount wheels are standard factory wheels for most golf cart manufacturers. Negative offset golf cart wheels have the mounting flange positioned off-center towards the golf cart. Instead of the mounting flange having an even distance from it to the bead seat on each side, the negative offset wheel generally moves the mounting flange an inch or two inwards.

If you plan to turn your golf cart into a monster off-road vehicle by adding one of our great lift kits and oversized tire packages, you’ll need to invest in some negative offset golf cart wheels to prevent any rubbing or stability problems. We generally recommend using a 22 x 11.00 x 10 off-road knobby type tire on a negative offset 10″ golf cart wheel for most lift kit applications, although you can get as large as you like (at your own risk, of course). Be aware that these modifications will raise the center of gravity of your golf car and increase your chances of rolling or flipping.

Golf cart wheels are designed for low speeds and should not be used for high speed highway travel. If you need trailer tires or plan to make your golf car go fast, be sure to use DOT (Dept. Of Transportation) approved wheels on which to mount your highway tires. Just like the golf car tire, the golf car wheel cannot sustain the stress of high speed rotation under heavy loads.

Golf cart wheels are generally produced in two mounting styles for golf cart purposes – center mount and negative offset. The differences between the two styles are based on the position of the mounting flange (center of the wheel where the lug bolts go through). Center mount wheels have the mounting flange located directly in the middle of the wheel width, when measuring side to side.

Center mount wheels are standard factory wheels for most golf cart manufacturers. Negative offset golf cart wheels have the mounting flange positioned off-center towards the golf cart. Instead of the mounting flange having an even distance from it to the bead seat on each side, the negative offset wheel generally moves the mounting flange an inch or two inwards.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed out tutorial on golf cart tires and wheels. As time allows, we’ll publish more tutorials, as well as expand on topics such as this further.

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Finding the Right Golf Cart Accessories – How to Choose the Best


Golf carts aren’t just for the course anymore. More and more people are beginning to use golf carts for personal use. And if you’re doing that, then you’ll to need to get it accessorized and ready for the road.

There are thousands of options when it comes to golf cart accessories and parts. For example, you can get side view mirrors, stereo systems, seat belt kits, and portable windshields, just as you’d find in regular automobiles. Then there are also functional options for when you’re on the course such as coolers, golf ball and club cleaners, and clip holders for cigars, cell phones and flags.

Deck out your golf cart and be the talk of the course with our selection of golf cart accessories. Choose from trusted brands like Bag Boy, Caddy Daddy Golf, Sun Mountain and more. We have ball cleaners, cart covers, coolers, fans, flags, heaters, mounting kits, seat covers and windshields. From golf cart umbrellas to GPS mounting kits, you’ll find everything you need to be comfortable and prepared during the golf season. Conveniently carry cigars with the Proactive Sports Cigar Compadre Clip-On Holder and stay warm with the J & M Golf Cart Heater. You can’t beat the prices on these must-have golf cart accessories. Protect your golf cart with a storage cover or keep yourself out of the rain with electric cart covers and accessories. You won’t be disappointed with our golf cart accessory options to help you customize your golf cart. Browse by brand, model and price range for easy shopping.

Club Car Accessories

Golf Cart King has the largest selection of Club Car Precedent parts and accessories at the most competitive prices. Club Car is the largest manufacturer of small-wheel, zero emissions electric golf carts in the world. Their golf carts range from light utility carts to heavy duty 4×4’s that can handle any terrain. And Golf Cart King has everything you need to make your Club Car cart even better.Adding club car precedent accessories can not only increase the safety of your vehicle, but also increase the overall safety of your club car.


E-Z-GO Accessories

Winner of the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence in 2009, EZGO provides golf cart enthusiasts with industry-leading carts that are functional, all-terrain, road-friendly and customizable. EZGO carts are known nationwide for their electric-vehicle technology and exceptional customer service. With the dream to build carts that customers will have for a lifetime, EZGO has been producing top quality carts for over 57 years.

Golf Cart King carries a full array of EZGO Golf Cart accessories and parts. Customize your EZGO vehicle with a rear flip back seat, headlights, shcok absorbers, and more! Ensure that your EZGO cart is safe and performing at its best with our EZGO golf cart accessories!


Yamaha Golf Cart Accessories

Yamaha products are some of the most popular accessories Golf Cart King provides. If you have a Yamaha golf cart you’re looking to upgrade, this is your one stop shop for accessories. Yamaha, a worldwide company with a long history of success and quality vehicles, produces golf carts that fit a wide variety of needs and wants for all golf cart enthusiasts. Versatile and hardworking, Yamaha golf carts are low maintenance and easily customizable for anyone looking to make their vehicle match their personality.

Add Comfort With Golf Cart Accessories

Ride in style. Ride in comfort. Add golf cart accessories for added luxury on the course.

Consider the following golf cart accessories to bring for your next round:

Golf Cart Covers: Protect your cart from the weather damage and dirt. Look for water-repellent fabric that won’t shrink or stretch. Get covers with air vents to reduce wind lofting and moisture.

Golf Cart Enclosures: Four-sided enclosures fit over your golf cart roof. Roll down the sides when you need weather protection. Looks for clear, vinyl windows for the best visibility.

Portable Golf Cart Windshields: Protect you and your partner against the wind and rain while riding on the course.

Golf Seat Blankets: Gain protection from cold, wet and dirty golf cart seats.

Golf Push Cart Accessories: Add a seat, bottle holder or umbrella holder to your push cart.

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Golf Cart Batteries Buying Guide – Some Tips to get The Best


We have the power to keep your Golf Cart moving with 6V, 8V and 12V deep cycle battery models along with a full line of 12V starting batteries. We have fully sealed AGM, Gel, and flooded lead acid batteries for Golf carts.


Golf Cart Battery Features

Electric golf cart batteries operate purely on the power of deep cycle batteries. Here are the primary features of a deep cycle golf cart battery to understand.

Designed with thicker plates, higher density active paste material and thicker separators to withstand the rigors of deep discharging and recharging cycles.

Twin terminal design for simplified connection for primary power and accessories

Convenient handle for easy installation

Advanced AGM and gel batteries have a spill proof design with casing engineered to withstand heat and vibration elements


Golf Cart Battery Charging and Maintenance

Proper charging, maintenance and storing practices are just as important to the life and operation of your Golf Cart battery as choosing the right battery. Deep cycle batteries work best when the charge is maintained – do not store the battery in a discharged state. Your local Batteries Plus Bulbs can help to identify the best charger for your golf cart.


Golf Cart Battery Quality Commitment

Batteries Plus Bulbs only offers Golf Cart batteries that meet our high quality standards. Our batteries provide reliable performance with true capacity ratings that reflect real world use. Contact us or visit your nearest store for complete product specifications or performance information.


Commercial Accounts and Recycling

We are an industry leader for the volume supply of Golf Cart batteries and their proper recycling. Each of our store locations is positioned to support your Golf Cart needs, whether it be for one battery or a truckload. Stores are also a drop-off point for battery recycling.


Listed here are the Golf Cart batteries that we recommend for use in any of the major electric golf carts from EZ Go, to Club Car, and many in between.  Choose from Trojan and MK batteries, both offering a high quality repalcement battery that is made in the United States.


The Best Golf Cart Batteries: Lithium-ion vs. Lead Acid

The golf cart battery industry is in a state of flux. On one hand we have golf cart manufacturers and retailers that realize lithium-ion batteries are better for golf cart performance and longevity than lead acid batteries. On the other hand are consumers who resist the high upfront cost of lithium golf cart batteries, and consequently still rely on inferior lead-acid battery options.

A November 2015 report that analyzes the golf cart battery market estimates the demand for golf cart batteries will increase roughly four percent between 2014 and 2019. The report estimates lead-acid batteries will account for roughly 79 percent of the golf cart battery market by 2019—mainly because of lithium’s upfront cost—but retailers and suppliers tell a different story.

RELiON supplies lithium and AGM lead-acid batteries, and we firmly believe lithium-ion golf cart batteries are the best option for manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike. Consumer buying trends support our position.

In December 2015, the U.K. golf cart manufacturers PowaKaddy and Motocaddy announced that nearly 60 percent of their carts and electronic golf accessories sold in the UK now contained lithium batteries. Unlike the rest of Europe, which already overwhelmingly adopted lithium golf cart batteries, the U.K. has been slower to make the change.

When consumers—like those in the U.K.—begin to understand the advantages lithium batteries provide compared to lead acid, we believe more people will demand their golf carts run on lithium power.

Below is our breakdown of golf cart batteries. We compare the pros and cons of lithium and lead-acid golf cart batteries, and discuss why we feel lithium-ion batteries are a superior choice.


Carrying Capacity

Equipping a lithium-ion battery into a golf cart enables the cart to significantly increase its weight-to-performance ratio. Lithium golf cart batteries are half the size of a traditional lead-acid battery, which shaves off two-thirds of the battery weight a golf cart would normally operate with. The lighter weight means the golf cart can reach higher speeds with less effort and carry more weight without feeling sluggish to the occupants.

The weight-to-performance ratio difference lets the lithium-powered cart carry an additional two average-sized adults and their equipment before reaching carrying capacity. Because lithium batteries maintain the same voltage outputs regardless of the battery’s charge, the cart continues to perform after its lead-acid counterpart has fallen behind the pack. In comparison, lead acid and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries lose voltage output and performance after 70-75 percent of the rated battery capacity is used, which negatively affects carrying capacity and compounds the issue as the day wears on.


Cart Wear And Tear

Golf carts are expensive investments, and keeping them well-maintained helps protect the cart for years of use. One of the main factors adding to cart wear and tear is weight; a heavy cart is difficult to drive uphill or on challenging terrain, and the added weight can tear up grass and put extra strain on the brakes.

Swapping the battery from lead acid to lithium is the easiest way to reduce a golf cart’s weight and overall wear and tear. As a bonus, lithium batteries need virtually no maintenance, whereas lead-acid batteries regularly need to be checked and maintained. The lack of lead-acid chemical spills also keeps carts operating in tip-top shape.


Battery Charging Speed

Regardless if you’re using a lead-acid battery or a lithium-ion battery, any electric car or golf cart faces the same flaw: they have to be charged. Charging takes time, and unless you happen to have a second cart at your disposal, that time can put you out of the game for a while.

A good golf cart needs to maintain consistent power and speed on any course terrain. Lithium-ion batteries can manage this without a problem, but a lead-acid battery will slow the cart down as its voltage dips.  Plus after the charge has dissipated, it takes an average lead-acid battery roughly eight hours to recharge back to full. Whereas, lithium-ion golf cart batteries can be recharged up to 80 percent capacity in about an hour, and reach full charge in less than three hours.

Plus, partially-charged lead-acid batteries sustain sulfation damage, which results in significantly reduced life. On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries have no adverse reaction to being less than fully charged, so it’s okay to give the golf cart a pit-stop charge during lunch.


Golf Cart Battery Compatibility

Golf carts designed for lead-acid batteries can see a significant performance boost by swapping the lead-acid battery to a lithium-ion battery. However, this second wind can come at an instillation cost. Many lead-acid equipped golf carts need a retro-fit kit to operate with a lithium-ion battery, and if the cart manufacturer doesn’t have a kit, then the cart will need modifications to operate with a lithium battery.

The easiest way to tell if a cart is going to need modifications or a simple retro-fit kit is the battery voltage. Compare a lithium-ion battery and a lead-acid battery side-by-side, and if the battery voltage and amp-hour capacity are the same, then the battery can be plugged directly into the golf cart. However, lithium-ion battery’s smaller size and design often means the golf cart might needs alterations to its battery mount, charger and cable connecters.

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Tips for Choosing Best Golf Shoes – Cheap, Discount, Sale


We try to offer a wide range of what we consider to be the best brands in the golf shoes market. We take into consideration value for money – durability – warrantees and manufacturers after sales service, all these things considered we believe that we have the best brands on offer.

Around 60% of our loyal customers are now buying spikeless golf shoes and the other 40% still prefer soft spikes. This has been a huge change and seems to be one that will continue.

Take a look through our large range of mens golf shoes, ladies golf shoes and junior golf shoes. From top brands such as Adidas, Footjoy, Nike and Stuburt we’re sure we’ll have the shoe for you. If have wide fitting feet then these too are covered and can be selected in the product options where available. We also have a nice range of suitable golf socks to complete your golfing outfit look and don’t forget the shoe spikes to give you the grip required.


Purpose of Golf Shoes

There are many reasons why a person should opt for golf shoes when heading out to the course. They are commonly designed with spikes or molded grip bottoms, which gives the player traction when walking on areas of short grass that may be slippery (especially when wet). These designs also help hold a golfer in place when taking a swing, and will not damage the turf in the meantime. Golf shoes are meant to handle the hilly terrains golf courses are known to have, with a large degree of support designed into the shoe that will allow a player to play comfortably for hours.


Golf Shoes Materials

When selecting a pair of golf shoes, it is important to understand what types of materials are available to choose from. Different materials will be used depending on the quality and price of the shoe.


Leather and Synthetic Leather

Ever since golf shoes were created, leather was and always has been the most popular material to use in the exterior portion of the shoe. Leather is known to be very comfortable, and once broken in will mold to perfectly fit a golfer’s foot. The material is commonly waterproof, and is a good choice for the warm summer months as it is also a very breathable material. Considering the craftsmanship and type of material being used, golf shoes made of leather are high quality and have the price tag to prove it. For those that are not looking to spend a great deal of money on a pair of golf shoes, there are synthetic leather options available. While synthetic leather will not offer the same quality level or features of a 100 percent leather shoe, they will still offer some functionality for the golfer that is wearing them.



The material known as Gore – Tex is sturdy, thick, and fully waterproof, which makes it a great option for golfers playing in colder weather. Even though Gore-Tex is a more heavy-duty type of material, it is still very breathable and will keep a golfer’s foot comfortable. Due to its design, Gore-Tex is a good deal warmer than leather and should be avoided when playing in hot temperatures.



One of the least expensive ways to make a golf shoe is to use polyester as a lining, which is spread across the outer portion of the shoe to protect it from external influences. A polyester lining is not nearly as durable as leather, and does not provide the quality features that leather or Gore-Tex do. As a result, polyester is both thinner and lighter than the other materials as well.



Many spikes used to be designed with metal, but are now becoming a thing of the past and are generally not allowed on most golf courses, as they are known to tear up the greens. Plastic has been the material of choice to replace metal spikes with, which has proven to be a success. Plastic spikes are much more gentle on the golf greens, and are more lightweight as well. As plastic becomes the norm for golf spikes, they continue to improve in design and now offer almost the same amount of traction that a metal spike typically would. Many plastic spikes are also replaceable, making it very convenient to swap out a broken or damaged spike and replace it with a new one as opposed to buying a completely new pair of golf shoes.


Types of Golf Shoes

Spiked or Cleated Golf Shoes

The classic spiked golf shoe offers comfort, breathability, water resistance, style and traction. Finding the right pair for you is based on personal taste and what you want the shoe to deliver.

You need to decide what it is you want from your golf shoe; a waterproof shoe? A shoe to wear in all conditions? A lightweight shoe? Colour? Soft or Metal Spikes? Whatever you need in your shoe, you will find in today’s market.

A key advantage of spiked golf shoes is the stability that it can bring to your swing through better grip and because the upper of the shoe is likely to be more stable.

Modern technology has allowed traditional shoes to develop that are both lightweight and offer the stability demanded by serious players, however there can be a trade off so bear this in mind when you buy.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

The most recent development in shoes has been the introduction and success of the Spikeless or Street Shoes.

Essentially designed for comfort and style, these low-profile shoes tend to be lightweight and flat soled. Most use rubber studs or dimpled soles in place of standard golf spikes, giving the advantage of being perfect for the 19th hole and firm surfaces like the driving range.

Many professionals now wear street-style shoes, either for the look or the comfort that can aid back and foot pain, so they are not just for the casual golfer.

The trade-off of a street shoe will be less stability, grip and waterproofing. The moulded soles will offer less grip in longer and wet grass and typically they are not designed to provide waterproofing.

Initial concerns re the durability of the spikeless soles and the inability to replace worn spikes have been eased by development of new rubber technologies that manufacturers claim will outlast the natural lifetime of these types of shoe.

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Golf Equipment

Men’s Golf Shoes for sale – Comfortable & Stable Golf Shoes for Men


Golf might be 90% mental, but that other ten percent is more than enough to leave you stuck out in the woods where bears go to die or chopping away in the rough. The key to keeping your long and short game as tight as possible and get your handicap into the basement is to use the right equipment. That means the right balls, tees, clubs, bag, lucky polo shirt, gloves, and, of course, golf shoes. With the perfect cleats, you’ll have the right tread to grip it and rip it like a pro.

There’s a distinct combination of quality materials, unbeatable construction, and personal comfort when it comes to the golf shoes you take out onto the green.

Comfortable & Stable Golf Shoes for Men

The ideal golf shoe delivers comfort and stability. Get a shoe that gives you both.

Find hundreds of pairs of men’s golf shoes that bring you an advantage on the course at Golf Galaxy.

Choose from spiked golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes or custom golf shoes for men in narrow, medium wide or extra wide widths.

Ensure your comfort, as well as style when stepping out on to the course by choosing the right pair of men’s golf shoes. Find spiked, as well as spikeless shoes, ideal for the avid golfer to play in any conditions.


Buying Tips

Discover men’s golf shoes to fit your game and style.

Golf shoes for men range from water resistant to waterproof warranties. If you’re a dew sweeper and play a lot of golf in the morning, opt for golf shoes that carry a two-year waterproof warranty.

If you want to get the most wear possible out of your golf shoes, get a shoe constructed from high-quality leather for long-lasting comfort.

The perfect pair fits your personality as well as your feet. Choose from traditional saddle-style or sporty sneaker looks.

Select a shoe with the right fit. The wrong size leads to a decrease in power.

Find a shoe that gives you a thumb’s width between the top two eyelets of a laced shoe. More than a thumb’s width means the shoe is likely too small and too narrow. Less than a thumb’s width and the shoe is probably too big and wide.

More than half of people have different sized feet. For the majority, their bigger foot is their left foot. Don’t let it alarm you. In most cases, the difference in size is small enough it doesn’t require two different shoe sizes.


Best Golf Shoes for Men

When tackling wet rough and soft ground conditions, the state of your golf shoes often comes to the fore. It’s at this moment you probably ask yourself why you didn’t go for something a little sturdier, or something with a better guarantee.

Well, with our help you don’t have to make the same mistake twice.

Nowadays, there are a great range of options, from colourful sporty models to classic subtler designs. Nearly all have some sort of value-adding waterproof guarantee, while grip and traction have been innovatively harvested through a range of clever sole designs. Here are the best golf shoes 2017 has to offer…

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Golf Equipment

Women’s Golf Shoes for a Great Fit & Feel


Gain maximum comfort without sacrificing style. Discover the perfect pair of women’s golf shoes for your game.

Get classic traction and the ability to replace individual plastic spikes with the women’s spiked golf shoe collection. Choose a more contemporary shoe that can be worn from the green to the gravel when you select a spikeless golf shoe.

Buying Tips

Find women’s golf shoes that match your personality. Choose classic looks in white, black or brown, or amp it up with sporty styles in bright pink, blue and metallics.

Select golf shoes for women from the best brands in the game, including FootJoy®, Nike®, ECCO®, PUMA®, adidas® and more.

Comfort is key. Select a pair of women’s golf shoes that will carry you from the front to the back nine with ease. Look for shoes that are lightweight and constructed with foam midsoles.

Bring more power to your swing. Look for low-profile designs with lateral stability to give you an advantage off the tee.

Shoes made from leather give you more durability. Look for shoes constructed from mesh and other breathable fabrics to keep your feet fresh, cool and dry.


Women’s Golf Shoes for Comfort & Style

Look for women’s golf shoes that provide all-day comfort, keeping focus on the game. A sporty, spiked shoe provides excellent stability and traction on course turf, maximizing the power through every swing. Lightweight, spikeless shoes retain a sold grip through impact while their casual designs can transition on and off-course.

Ladies need shoes that allow natural, fluid motion on the links. Footwear with a perforated tongue offers additional breathability, while lightweight cushioning in the underfoot adds better support and stability in your stance.

Improve play without sacrificing style: Choose from a footwear ranging in style from sleek and feminine to modern takes on the traditional saddle shoe. Choose from popular brands, including Nike® women’s golf shoes, adidas®, FootJoy®, ECCO®, and Puma® to find a shoe engineered to meet any golfer’s needs.


Find the Right Women’s Golf Shoes for You

Think about purchasing a shoe constructed of lightweight materials for a comfortable, soft feel on the green. Women’s golf shoes should blend easy movement with a snug fit for maximum lateral stability and a smooth heel-toe transition.

Features such as weather proofing treatments and abrasion resistant materials enhance ladies golf shoes’ durability season after season.

In addition, a sock liner and moisture-wick technology will keep feet dry and comfortable on the course.

Think about needs as a golfer when selecting the right pair of women’s golf shoes. Footwear should provide optimal balance, flexibility and grip on the greens.

A shoe’s grip is essential for any golfer: Look at the shoe’s spike system to ensure traction on all playing surfaces.

A low-profile construction will keep your foot closer to the ground for added stability during your swing.

To get more mileage out of your golf shoes, a spikeless, multi-traction sole provides versatility off the course.

Look for a secure fit for added balance and stability during every shot.


FAQs About Women’s Golf Shoes

Do I need to wear golf shoes when I play?

Golf shoes are not required by all golf courses, however, it is strongly recommended that you wear golf shoes during play. By design, golf shoes are built to help golfers look, feel and play their best—from the first tee to the final putt.

A round of golf places a wide range of demands on your feet, and manufacturers place a high importance on feel when constructing their products. Uppers can feature a leather construction for shape consistency, support and weather protection or a mesh/synthetic construction for range of motion and ventilation during warm weather. Insoles and midsoles are designed to provide underfoot support through the stroke and shock absorption with each step. Wearing proper golf shoes ensures your feet remain comfortable based on the demands you are placing on them during play.

Performance is paramount in golf shoe design, and the golfer’s ability to maintain balance and grip is key to performing well on the course. Spiked and spikeless outsoles are engineered to help golfers maintain a solid foundation on terrain commonly found on a golf course. Golfers who wear sneakers may notice slipping or unsure footing on the course, which leads to a loss of balance and lack of shot control.

What is the difference between spikeless and spiked golf shoes?

The difference between spiked and spikeless golf shoes lies purely in the design of the outsole. Spikeless golf shoes feature a series of built-in traction lugs placed in key areas on the outsole in order to provide grip and maximize balance through the stroke. Since the lugs are built into the actual outsole, golfers notice a more grounded feel, similar to the feel of a standard sneaker. This style of golf shoe is ideal for golfers who commonly play in firm/dry conditions and require on/off course versatility.

Spiked golf shoes have outsoles that combine built-in traction lugs with protruding, interchangeable spikes (or cleats). These strategically placed spikes are constructed with a soft plastic material and provide multi-directional traction and stability. Since the spikes protrude from the outsole, golfers may notice a slightly elevated feel. This style of golf shoe is ideal for golfers who play in varying turf conditions and require superior grip on any terrain.


What golf shoes are best for beginners?

Spiked golf shoes are often recommended beginner golfers. One of the most crucial aspects to any golf swing is a solid foundation, and spiked golf shoes provide just that. When golfers have a locked-in, reliable foundation, they are able to focus on improving their swing and developing their game. Slipping and excess shifting of the feet during the stroke often leads to undesired outcomes.


Are there any settings where spikeless golf shoes might be inappropriate, such as a country club?

As the trend of spikeless golf shoes continues to grow, the rules and standards of country clubs and other golf courses have adapted in stride. Styles of spikeless golf shoes range from the traditional to the casual, giving golfers plenty of options to choose from based on preferred style.


How can I help extend the life of my shoes?

Uppers: After each round, first remove the shoelaces and insole (if it is not glued in place). Next, gently wipe the exterior with shoe cleaner or mild soap and water to remove excess dirt and residue. Finally, let the shoe air dry at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.

Outsoles: Remove all of the grass and dirt built up during play. For spiked golf shoes, ensure that all cleats are intact and secure in their receptacles.


General Tips

Many golfers choose to rotate between a couple pairs of golf shoes from round to round. Not only will switching golf shoes allow you to better coordinate your style, it will extend the life of both pairs due to the decrease in wear.

Do not store your shoes in high-temperature environments, such as a car trunk or direct sunlight. Excessive temperatures accelerate the breakdown of upper and outsole materials.

If you get caught in the rain during play, stuff your golf shoes with newspaper for 8–10 hours following the round to allow for the absorption of excess water.

When storing golf shoes, insert cedar shoe trees to maintain the shape of the shoe and to help remove excess water and odor.

How long does a pair of golf shoes last on average?


The longevity of golf shoes depends on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them between uses. Golfers who often play in wet conditions, store their shoes in the trunk of their car or infrequently clean the uppers and outsoles may only get one season out of their shoes. Golfers who clean their shoes after each round and store them properly after each use may be able to get anywhere from three to four seasons out of their shoes. Similar to other pieces of golf equipment, golf footwear requires routine care to ensure it lives up to its maximum potential during play.


What are some signs that it might be time to get a new pair of golf shoes?

Loss of traction is the most obvious sign that you need to update your golf shoes. If you notice yourself frequently slipping during the stroke or while walking the course, it’s likely time to replace the shoes. Comfort is also crucial when it comes to your golf footwear. If the insoles are worn down or the uppers have lost their waterproof/water-resistant qualities, updating your footwear will ensure your feet remain comfortable through the entire round.

Can worn-out golf shoes negatively impact my game?

Yes. Wearing worn-out or beat-up golf shoes can have a number of different negative effects on your game. Golf shoes create the crucial bond between your feet and the ground, so keeping them in the best possible shape is imperative to success on the course. If uppers are not properly cared for, any waterproof or water-resistant properties will diminish over time and lead to soggy feet and discomfort during poor weather. If outsoles are not cared for properly, they will lose traction and cause the wearer to slip while walking the course and during the stroke.


When should I change my golf shoe spikes?

To get the most out of your spiked golf shoes, it is important to always keep an eye on the wear of your cleats. Cleats in certain parts of each shoe wear differently because of the natural motion of your swing and the demands you are putting on the outsoles. Although the cadence for changing cleats depends on a variety of factors, including the number of rounds you play and the conditions in which you play, golfers commonly change out spikes once or twice a season or every 10–15 rounds.

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Golf Equipment

Golf Course, Training, Practice Equipment for Beginners and Expert


Golf is a sport that requires a few pieces of equipment before you can begin to play. Many golf courses offer this equipment for rent, but if you’re serious about golfing on a regular basis you’ll want to invest in your own golfing equipment. If you’ve never played golf before, it’s best to look at different clubs and balls before deciding on which set you want to purchase. You can also ask friends who play if they wouldn’t mind letting you see and hold their equipment so you get a good idea of what’s available.

Equipment You Need to Start Playing Golf

The right set of golf clubs is often the difference between a fun day on the course and a frustrating afternoon outing.

You can find both individual golf clubs and full sets designed for your specific handicap and playing characteristics. The latest clubs offer a host of innovative features and materials, not to mention adjustability settings that let you dial in your equipment for your game.

The two main items that a golfer needs to play golf are a golf club and a golf ball. Most golfers have multiple golf clubs that are specialized for different shots. They also have other equipment that we’ll discuss below.

Golf Clubs

Each golfer can carry up to 14 golf clubs in their bag. Many of the clubs are numbered. The number refers to the angle or loft of the club. The lower the number of the club the lower the angle or loft. So a 1 iron will have very little angle or loft allowing the ball to go further on a lower trajectory while a 9 iron will have a lot of loft and will cause the golf ball to be hit high into the air.


There are three main traditional types of golf clubs


Woods have a big head (sometimes made out of wood) and are played for long shots. They tend to have less accuracy and are harder to hit than irons, but they will hit the ball further. Woods are numbered clubs with the lowest having the least loft and typically called a driver. Woods are usually hit of the tee or from the fairway on long golf holes.


Irons are clubs with a more flat head made out of metal. Irons tend to be more accurate, allowing the golfer more control over the distance, spin, and direction of the ball. Many irons are numbered for their loft, but there are some specialized irons that have names; for example the Wedge or Sand Wedge. Irons are used by golfers from pretty much every location and shot on the golf course, but are especially helpful in the rough or when approaching the green.


The putter is a club with a flat face used to roll the ball. Putters are mostly used on the green, but may sometimes be used from the fringe to roll the ball onto the green. Good putting is a key to scoring well in golf, although the type of putter is not nearly as important as the skill of the golfer doing the putting.


Golf Clubs and Tees

You can have up to 14 golf clubs on the green with you. The three main types of clubs include the woods, irons, and putters. The woods are used for long shots when shooting from the tee. Irons allow for more precision and are often used on the fairway. A putter is a club that doesn’t allow the ball to loft into the air too much, making it the ideal club for putting the ball when close to the hole.

Tees are used to place a ball on when taking the first swing. Plastic or wood, this piece of equipment is essential for getting a good swing in on the first try. Shaped like nails, they are placed into the ground and the ball gently balances on the cup part on the top of the tee. You will need a surplus of these, since they often break or sink into the ground.


Golf Balls

Golf balls have a minimum diameter (1.68 inches) and weight (1.62 ounces) defined by the rules. The materials that the ball is made of will affect the characteristics of the ball when hit. A harder ball will travel further, but a softer ball will allow the golfer more control over spin and distance.


Golf Bags and Apparel

You will need a bag to carry all of your equipment. Bags have lots of compartments and a strap for easy carrying. I suggest not just carrying a golf bag but also investing in a side-bag from a decent, trustworthy label like Hedgren or Kipling, something           you can use to carry your non-golf items in close to your body. You may also want to invest in golf shoes, which have short spikes on the bottom to make walking on the green easier. As you learn more about the game of golf, you’ll find out which pieces of equipment you need and which are just optional for your game.


Other Golf Equipment

In addition to the mandatory golf clubs and balls, golfers will also need a bag to carry their clubs and other extras (like balls and tees). Golf tees are also used when teeing off to raise the ball up and to allow for a cleaner shot off the teeing area. Most golfers also wear special golf shoes that have spikes on the soles to help them grip the ground and keep their balance while swinging the club. Another helpful piece of equipment is the glove. Most golfers will wear a club on their off-hand (i.e. a right-hander will wear a glove on the left hand). The golf can help keep a good grip on the club without having to squeeze the club too hard. A towel is a good idea to clean off the golf ball and/or the club head. If rain is a possibility, it’s a good idea to have an umbrellas as well.

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