Morocco may be in everyone’s wish list to travel to as this country has all the irresistible tourist attractions. But, you need to read this Morocco travel tips below to make your trip a perfect one.

1. The vaccines is not mandatory

The vaccine in Morocco is not a mandatory; it’s more of a personal choice. If you prefer on the safe side, you can get inoculated against some diseases, including rabies, hepatitis A, and hepatitis B. However, many people who go there without vaccines just come home healthy as they can be.

2. Dirham is the local currency

The currency in Morocco is Dirham, which is now worth almost USD 10. Compared to other currencies, dirham is quite steady and stable. If you take money from ATM, most certainly you will get dirham. Mind about the 3 percent for foreign transaction fee and remember to allocate certain money for that in yout budget. To make sure that your debit or credit card will work in Morocco, don’t forget to call your bank before leaving.

3. Moroccans speak Arabic plus other languages

The languages used by Moroccans are Arabic, Berber, English, and French. However, maybe you will hear Arabic at most parts, and some signs are probably also in Arabic. Besides Arabic, French can be your choice, though in fact many Moroccans understand English.

4. Follow some rules

You should not do anything that is socially important with your left hands, including eating and shaking hands. Moroccans are mostly Muslims and they assume that left hands are unclean. Also, in Moroccan culture, women must dress modestly. Avoid wearing hotpants and tanktops. It also depends to the places you visit. The countryside tends to be more conservative than the big cities.

5. Visa is not needed for almost all English-speaking countries

Except South Africa, all English-speaking countries can enter Morocco and cam stay up to 90 days without visa. What you need to pay more attention is your passport. If you’re a citizen of US, your expiration date must be after the day you return, and if you’re a citizen of England, your passport must be valid for 6 months after your departure date.

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