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5 Things To Be Included in Your Saltwater Fishing Gears

5 Things To Be Included in Your Saltwater Fishing Gears

If you’re a beginner in saltwater fishing, you must be confused about what to bring on your box. However, since you are beginner, you do not really need the ones with good quality. In order to be a good saltwater fisher, here are saltwater fishing gears that you need to bring.

1. Fishing Rod

The most important thing in your fishing equipment must be your fishing rod. You can choose either the graphite or fiberglass rods. Graphite is a lot stronger than fiberglass, but also more expensive. A graphite rod is also lighter, which is why it is recommended for beginners as it is easier to handle. The prevent rust on your rod and reel, you must rinse and wipe your fishing rod to clean it from salt water each time you finish fishing. The location of where you’re fishing from (a boat, beach, or a pier) determines the choice of the rod length.

2. Saltwater Fishing Reels

The saltwater has corrosive effect. That’s why your fishing reels must be strong enough to withstand it. As a beginner, you should choose the one that makes casting the line easy. For saltwater fishing, it’s good for you to choose spinning reels as they are able to cast long way and are hardly affected by wind. However, they are quite heavy with the line that is easily tangled. A spinning reel for saltwater fishing needs to hold 100 yards of line.

When choosing fishing reels, you should also need to put attention on the spool. Saltwater fishing is good with spool made from aluminum, as the line will not dig into the spool, and this will not stop the line to move freely, especially when in effort to catch big fish.

3. Saltwater Fishing Line

For saltwater fishing, you are recommended to use monofilament fishing line as they are strong and thin, and are easily stretched. This type of fishing line also has low memory, which means that if you have used this on the reel for a long time, the shape of the reel will not stay there when you use it again. You need to change the monofilament fishing line every six months as the long exposure of sunlight can break it down.

4. Saltwater Fishing Bait

When fishing in saltwater, the best bait that must be included in your salt water gear is shrimp. And the best of all is the live shrimp that are kept in a bucket of water. Cut bait is also frequently used when fishing in saltwater. Cut bait is simply dead fish which are cut into small pieces. Cut bait is a good option for those with small budget.

5. Saltwater Fishing Hooks

Another thing that must be included in your saltwater fishing gear is the fishing hooks, which can be made either from high-carbon steel or stainless steel. To avoid rust, you can choose stainless steel hooks, but they tend to break more easily. The size of the hooks depends on the fish you hope to catch. Fish with bigger mouth will certainly need bigger hooks. The most common hooks used are between size 14 and size eight. And size 32 is the smallest size available for saltwater fishing. Since they are inexpensive, you can bring a pack containing a variety of sizes.

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