Humane Shot Is the Rule

Air rifle hunting is challenging because you have to make a shot which is clean, effective, and more importantly, humane. A humane killing means that the animals will be in a clean condition and die quickly without suffering pain.

In air rifle hunting, while you are to have a humane killing, you also need to get close enough to the target to ensure an accurate shot. In many cases, hunter gets tired when their tiring stalks end in failure. But the achievement and pride will be much more when you succeed.

Air rifle hunting has different unwritten rules about the quarry. If you poach the game birds, your hunting permission can be withdrawn so don’t be tempted to shoot them although there can be very much game birds during your hunting. Other forbidden quarries are animals like hares and foxes because they are too large to be shot humanely with airgun pellets.


How to Behave As An Air Rifle Hunter?

As a rifle hunter, you must uphold to the Country Code. In many cases, you will be hunting on some of the farmers land. This way, you have the obligation to police his land. So, though you can’t do immediate help, if you see any code being broken such as kids vandalizing machinery or a dog worrying sheep, you have to report it as soon as possible.

The bad news and goods news will be easily spread in countryside. When they know that you are helpful and responsible, the farmers will be more welcome to you. In all your hunting time, behaving is highly recommended. Even when you don’t see anyone, you should still behave by opening the gates carefully and ensuring that they shut behind you. Slamming is forbidden because it can weaken the hinges. If the gates are locked, you can climb over at the hinged end, instead of the latched end because it will cause far less effect to the hinges.

You have to makes sure your rifle is safe when you cross from one field to another. If you have a sling, you can leave it on your shoulder when opening and closing the gate. But when you have to climb and need both hands, you must make sure that your gun is unloaded.




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