Fishing tackle boxes are ready for you to bring to the next fishing. But what are to be put inside? Here are the basics that you should put inside your fishing tackle box.

1. Extra Hook

Packing a variety of hooks will make you ready to fish any kind of fish. Either the french or J-hook you carry, you must bring many different sizes because the fish—though only one kind of fish—can vary much in weight. Number 32 will be the smallest size and the biggest is 19/0.

2. Extra Line

Line can break during your fishing trip due to some causes, including bitten by monster fish or get caught on a log. There are various types of lines, based on the place you fish and what kind of fish you’re fishing. The durable fishing line is good for rough conditions to avoid snapping. A thin clear line is the best for crystal clear lake.

3. Bobbers of floaters

Bobbers will sink when a fish bites so you will notice; that’s why you also need to put it in your tackle box. There are at least two types of bobbers: the round and slip bobber. The round bobber is easy to rig but it limits on how deep you can cast a line. The slip bobber is a bit hard to rig but many fishermen think the difficulty is worth it because the hook can go into deeper water.

4. Sinkers

It is too light for worm and bobber alone to sink very deeply. Sinkers are usually made of lead but some state laws have forbidden lead sinkers to be used in fishing. Other options for sinker materials are brass, tungsten, steel, and bismuth. Bring many sinkers since you can easily lose it.

5. Plastic worms

Live bait is the best but you must also take plastic worms, especially when you bash fish. There are many colors and sizes.

6. Some lures

Again, worms sometimes are enough. Some fishermen also bring some lures in their tackle boxes to up their game. There are many types of lures and you can choose based on your preference. It needs ecperiment to find which one is the best for you.


Another thing about fishing is rod. Do you know how to choose the best rod for you? Click here.



Source: www.artofmanliness.con

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