There are actually a lot of healthy ways you can do to help you lose weight. However, some of you might think that the healthy ways do not work as fast as you expected or that you need something instant. Or you just need to lose weight more than it should. That’s bad for your health.

Here are 7 unhealthy ways to lose weight that you must avoid.


1. No Calorie Diet

No Calorie Diet

When people do this kind of diet, they tend to consume artificial sweeteners which are actually harmful. And in fact, our body needs fat. Even, healthy fats can help to burn your calorie (Read the article about very-low calorie diet here).


2. Drugs and pills

This is an instant way you can choose. Unfortunately, the long-term consequences are scary, including heart and brain damage. Whole food supplements are okay to consume as long as you also accompany with exercise and healthy diet.


3. Skipping meals

You think you can lose weight by skipping meals? Sounds make sense. But wait until you know its harmful effect: your metabolism will slow down when you skip meals. Instead of losing weight, skipping meals will lead to weight gain.


4. Purging


If you throw up on purpose, your health will be in danger. Your psychology will be affected as well. Throwing up on purpose can lead to bulimia and your cravings for unhealthy foods will also increase.


5. Laxatives

There are many forms of laxatives: powders, pills, teas, and suppositories. All are bad if use excessively to lose weight. If you continuously use laxatives, your digestive system will weaken, resulting in some abdomen-related complications.


6. Smoking

Some people think that smoking will help to suppress hunger. It is actually reasonable because the smoker’s metabolic rate is increased and the hunger is suppressed. Some chronic smokers can even skip meals without feeling any effect. However, this method can result in long term body damage, including cancer and other diseases.


7. Over-exercising


Over-exercising is bad if you are undernourished. You have to know that extensive cardio won’t help you lose your remaining weight. The appropriate amount is 20-30 minutes of burst training, 3-5 times a week.


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