One of the most famous participation sports now is fishing. No matter if you put anchor for weight or you are fishing on the move, boats can be one of the best places to catch more fishes. And again, fishing from boats will give different experience than ever before.

One thing you should not forget is boat fishing roads that have been specifically designed for the angling undertaken. And when buying boat roads, you have to consider its safety and efficiency as well its ease to use on boats. If you fish in different occasions, such as in offshore or freshwater, buying many kinds of rods is highly recommended. A lighter model is suitable for those fishing in top water, while a heavier one is good for those enjoying to fish deeper under the surface.

Here are the tips to find the best boat fishing rods for you.


Materials of the Boat Rods

There are some materials available in the market. Choose the materials based on the occasions.

1. Fiberglass rods

Compared to graphite rods, fiberglass is cheaper. And at the same time, fiberglass is more durable. If you like straightforward, no-frills fishing, this rod is the best because it is heavier than its competitors.

2. Graphite rods

Since graphite is light, the sensitivity is higher so it is good for casting on and off. However, this rod tends to be more delicate so you have to give more care to keep it last longer.

3. Graphite composite rods

If you want strength but with reduced weight, this type of rods is the best for you. The casting performance and tip sensitivity are also greater than fiberglass. And compared to rods made entirely from graphite, this graphite composite rod is definitely cheaper.


Weights of the Rods

The species of fish you target determine the weight of the rods you will use. A 12-15lbs will be suitable for lighter species and a 30-50 lbs will give you much help when catching heavier fish.


Lengths of the Rods

When you have longer rods, you also have longer cast. When talking about length, most people will prefer something between 6ft and 8ft. Typically, the length is 6.5ft. However, if you fish from a kayak, the maximum length of the rods will be only 3ft.


Choice of Reels

When choosing a boat fishing rod, you have to also consider the reels. If you plan to hold the rod all the time, lighter reels are the best choices. However, if the rod will be put and rested a lot, weight is not pretty much critical.

Or do you think you also need a rod holder?

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