It’s your day by the water. Make the most of your next catch with the gear experienced anglers trust.

Discover fishing rods engineered for both remarkable strength and lightweight feel. At the pond or lake, fresh water fishers find performance in any condition with a variety of spincasting, baitcasting, or trolling rods, reels and combos. Fly anglers love fly fishing rods designed for absolute precision and a delicate cast that fools any fish.

Whether you’re after large-mouth bass or trout. Pick from hard baits and lures, flies, saltwater lures and more. Stow away tackle, lures, hooks and fishing line in tackle boxes and bags that simplify organization by the water.

Maximize utility with long and short-sleeved tactical shirts, fishing vests and lightweight jackets. Wade in with bibs and waders that provide the right blend of warmth and flexibility. Pull on boots that give you absolute traction on slippery rocks beneath the water’s surface.

When you can’t make it to the water, try a fishing T-shirt that lets you wear your love of the sport on your sleeve. Shop fishing gear and apparel for men, women and kids.

From crabbing and clamming to bowfishing gear and ice fishing equipment, find the tools it takes to get the job done. Pick up nets, knives, racks and more. Hit the water with kayaks, canoes and boating accessories. Expect quality you can’t beat from brands like St. Croix®, Field & Stream®, Columbia® and more.

From beginner’s fishing rods that are ideal for children and beginners who are just getting into the sport, to strong and powerful professional rods capable of helping experienced anglers land the biggest catches. If it’s fishing clothing you are looking for, then we have a great range which includes fishing jackets from Prologic and Ron Thompson, to fishing hats, gloves, fishing socks and camouflage clothing.

Our match rods and poles from the likes of Shakespeare and Leeda offer great value for money, while our floats, hooks and incredible variety of baits will ensure you stand the best possible chance of a successful day out. Buy all of your fishing equipment with confidence.

Like most fishers, I’m not able to carry, store, or afford a different rod and reel for every species of fish or method of fishing. So I picked an affordable, high-quality spinning-rod-and-reel combo that can work in as many fishing conditions and settings as possible—including saltwater and freshwater. This spinning-rod-and-reel setup is approachable enough for a novice to learn on, yet it performs well enough for a seasoned veteran to depend on.

In researching and testing, I prioritized attributes such as durability and build quality—features that anyone, regardless of skill level and intended use, can appreciate—over more specialized features such as multiple-geared reels for using live bait or especially stiff rods that can handle big fish but not smaller ones. In other words, the Ugly Stik GX2 and Daiwa BG SW combo is what I’d recommend if someone were to ask me, “What fishing pole should I get if I don’t know what I want?”


How to Pack Reels

Since reels don’t have any dangerous parts, you shouldn’t have problems with reels from a security standpoint. If space permits, take your reels with you in your carry-on pack to prevent potential loss or damage. Pack them in their original case, padded with a few socks or pairs of underwear, or buy a travel reel-case for additional protection. Trolling reels will rarely fit into your carry-on luggage, so be sure to pad them well in your check-in bag.

Update – please be aware of the fact that some airlines may require line to be removed from reels before taking them on the plane as hand luggage. In order to avoid this situation, consider packing line separate in hold baggage.


Other equipment

Use common sense when packing: knives, liquid fly floatant and metal rod holders are definitely a no-no. Be sure to check these in. If you’re carrying lots of weird equipment, show up at the airport an hour earlier than you normally would, to allow for extra time if they make you check-in anything. Above all, don’t argue with the security staff. Be pleasant and tell a few fishing stories. They DO have the power to ban you from a flight. Another thing I often forget to do in the midst of pre-trip euphoria is to check my fly vest’s pockets for any leftover equipment.

Since 9-11, it’s been almost impossible to take dinghies and kayaks with you, checked in or not. If you are staying at a 4+ star resort during your holiday, you will most likely have kayaks or pedal-boats available freely or at a reasonable hourly rate.

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