Smart. Organized. Stylish. We bet these traits describe you on the golf course, and they also describe these women’s golf bags.

CART BAGS: are made with pockets on the front and sides making them ideal for carts or trolly’s.

CLASSIC DESIGN BAGS: can also be used on carts, but do have pockets at the back.

STAND BAGS: have a convenient stand for easy club access and most often have carry straps.

SUNDAY BAGS: are made to carry just a few of your favorite clubs. Perfect for short games or range.

Whether you choose a golf cart bag, versatile stand bag, or a tour bag for maximum storage, you’ll have easy access to your equipment when you’re out on the green. Not to mention, women’s golf bags are a fashionable golf accessory, with colors and styles both sporty and sophisticated.


Women’s Golf Bags Buying Tips

Having a dependable, sturdy golf bag is a necessity for all women to have before hitting the golf course. With our outstanding selection of women’s golf bags, we can provide exactly what you need. We have a great variety that includes many of the top brands in golf today. They include spectacular features while providing the space you need to keep your clubs clean and protected. Organizing your clubs to your specifications is easy when you use any of our high-quality bags.

Whether you prefer a cart bag or a stand bag, we have tons of reliable choices for you here. Our women’s golf bags include full-length dividers that include tons of pockets, with stylish, detailed finishes. Not only will it be easy to carry your bag around the course, but you can also have the best-looking bag in town. Whether you prefer a bag with an umbrella holder or a towel ring, we have choices that include all of the features you’re looking for. We have several great choices from the biggest brands in the golf industry. Those include Callaway, Cobra, Nike Golf, Ping, Sun Mountain, and TaylorMade. Most bags also have a storage pouch to keep your water or other drinks cold throughout your round on the golf course. No matter what features you’re looking for, we guarantee we will have it here in our selection of women’s golf bags.

Our women’s golf bags are all easy to carry, wherever you plan on taking them. With comfortable shoulder straps and plenty of storage options, it can hold everything you need for your round of golf. We have a great variety of styles that are perfect for several generations. Our selection includes styles of the past and present, every woman can find something they like. Please let us know if you have any other questions that we can help you with!


Differences between a Men’s Golf Bag and a Women’s Golf Bag

There are a few subtle differences between women and men’s golf bags. Colour is the main difference, as ladies golf bags tend to be of more feminine colours such as pink, yellow and pastel shades, such as light greens and blues. It is even possible to find zebra and leopard print bags if you look hard enough. As well as the more well-known golfing brands like Titleist, TaylorMade and Nike, fashion labels like Burberry have also started to produce golfing attire for the female market.

Ladies golf bags are normally a lot smaller, but have more pockets and space for accessories. Looking good on the course can be extremely important for the female golfer, so it is essential to find a bag that is easy to match up with various golf clothing. You can filter any search for ladies golf bags by colour, making it easier to mix and match the colour of an outfit with that of a golf bag.


Types of Women’s Golf Bags

There are a number of women’s golf bag variations, and they all have different advantages and drawbacks. With ladies golf bags there is often a lot more to the design than one would think. Many bags have been specifically tailored to comfortably suit the different physical build of the female golfer. A significant amount of time on the golf course is spent carrying the golf bag around, so the importance of purchasing the right golf bag for your build and stature should not overlooked. eBay has a large range of golf bags for women in all the different types and styles below:


Women’s Carry Bags

These are the most popular type of golf bag for the female golfer. Carry bags have a simple design and can be quite lightweight, which is perfect for carrying a full set of golf clubs around with ease. The carry bags can come with a single strap which is carried over one shoulder, or a double strap which allows for the bag to be worn like a conventional rucksack, spreading the weight evenly across the back and shoulders, instead of just onside of the body. The double straps are very popular as they make for an easier workload, and help the golfer to concentrate on the round rather than the heavy lifting. Carry bags come at a reasonable price and are suitable for female golfers of all shapes and sizes.


Female Golf Trolley Bags

It may be the case that female golfers do not intend to carry the golf bag at all. With a full set of clubs and all the accessories needed for golf it can be a nuisance to carry around for 18 holes. As well as being bulky and heavy, golf bags can be very uncomfortable after a few holes. This may be great if you want a decent workout whilst walking around the course, but this isn’t the case most of the time. A lot of female golfers tend to use trolley or cart bags to get around the course, as this method is convenient and will take away a lot of the physicality of getting around.

Golf Trolley bags have the same brilliant design and easy club access as carry bags. With compact trolley designs, the clubs can be easily packed into the boot of the car. Using a trolley will also make sure the bag doesn’t get dirty as easily when in adverse weather conditions.


Women’s Golf Stand Bags

Like women’s golf carry bags, stand bags are a very popular choice among female golfers, because they are lightweight and very comfortable to carry.  Stand bags are armed with a pedal at the bottom of the bag, which releases two legs when pressure is applied, allowing the golf bag to stand. This simple feature also makes it easier to gain access to one’s golf clubs. Female stand bags are brilliant for practicality and comfort and can be equipped with single and double straps with extra thick padding, so arms and shoulders get less tired when carrying the bag.


Lightweight Ladies Pencil Bags

For a quick 9 holes or a casual round of golf, pencil golf bags are a brilliant option. These light and compact golf bags have lots of space for a full set of golf clubs. There are a minimum amount of pockets meaning there is less storage space for balls and accessories, but are great way to get around the course without getting a sore back or shoulders.

Pockets, accessories and carry options are all important to consider when choosing a bag as well as nice female style. Bags can come in a huge range of colours so your image doesn’t need to be compromised on the golf course. Pink is the obvious choice when it comes to female equipment, but many brands such as TaylorMade, Nike and Titleist all have ranges of ladies golf bags in an assortment of colours for all tastes.

Now that you have decided what type of bag you are looking for, it is easy to search in the various eBay stores. Go to the Sporting Goods section and search away now.

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