Find the best kids’ golf clubs to suit your child.

Select from complete junior golf club sets, drivers, kids’ golf irons and putters.

Take out the guesswork with a pre-packaged kids’ golf club set designed for children of certain ages and heights.

Choose from top brands like Callaway, Cobra, Nike and Top Flite.


One of the most important aspects of introducing a young player to the game of golf is providing them with proper fitting equipment. Poor fitting clubs can lead to swing problems that can be difficult to correct in later years, and even affect the desire to play.

Clubs that are too long will cause the junior to compensate with a swing that is too “flat”, and clubs that are too short will lead to a swing that is too upright. Both instances will make it difficult for the junior to make consistent contact with the ball, resulting in needless frustration and an understandable desire to give up and try something that is more fun!

The best choice is a club approximately 1.5” longer than an exact fit, which allows the junior to “choke down” during initial play, gradually moving his/her hands higher on the grip as they grow over the next two seasons.

You can find a pre-packaged set that matches your child best by comparing your junior’s measurements with those recommended by the manufacturer. Typically, if the height range for the set is 44 – 52 inches and your junior stands 48 inches tall you would have a great match. If your junior is at the lower end of the scale you may want to continue your search, as the clubs may be be too long. If your junior is at the very high end of the range you may want to select the next larger size, or search for a different junior golf set with a more appropriate height range.

Bottom line: if your child’s height is about in the middle of the manufacturer’s suggested height range, you’re safe. If not, search for a different brand with a different height range. Always strive to purchase clubs a little long for your junior – this ensures the junior will grow into the clubs and allows parents to maximize their investment.


Buying Tips

Beginners who aren’t ready for tournament play should choose aluminum drivers. Junior golfers with higher swing speeds who are ready for tournament play reap more benefits from all-titanium clubheads.

If your child is struggling to swing with a driver that’s too long, it’s OK to have your child choke down on the grip. However, never have your child choke down more than two or three inches. At that point, the driver is too long.


Expert Advice

Very young golfers begin with a wedge and a putter, and slowly add a few irons, hybrids and a driver.

Because you need swing speed to create distance gaps between clubs, distance gaps are small with kids. Therefore, comprising a perfect set includes a putter, a wedge, a 7-iron, a hybrid and a driver. It makes sense to have 12-14 clubs in your child’s bag when your kid can swing harder and sees a distance gap larger than five yards between clubs.

How To Buy Golf Clubs

Inspire their passion for the game with a pair of kids’ golf clubs and junior golf clubs at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

From complete sets to individual clubs, find the golf gear that matches your budding athlete. Kids’ golf clubs are lighter than traditional clubs, with grips designed to comfortably fit in small hands.

Playing with junior clubs is the best way for children to hone proper technique. Watch them learn the game with complete club sets that come with all the essentials—including two woods, a hybrid, three irons, a driver and putter—each specially crafted for the forgiveness a beginner needs.

Get them started with

  • Kids’ Drivers
  • Junior Golf Irons
  • Kids’ Wedges
  • Junior Golf Putters
  • Shop top golf brands for junior clubs or kids’ complete golf club sets from Top Flite®, Callaway®, Cobra® and PING®.


Consider your child’s age, size and skill level when picking out your set of kids’ golf clubs.

Hybrid golf clubs are new to the junior golf bag, but they are a big hit on the golf course. These clubs are ideal for young golfers who need a club to split the difference between the distance of a fairway wood and the control of an iron. These clubs ultimately replace hard-to-hit long irons by combining the accuracy of an iron with the forgiveness of a wood.

A kids’ golf putter has a mallet-shaped design with an oversized head for increased forgiveness. To help your young golfer visualize the putting line to the hole, choose a putter that features alignment lines and a matte, non-glare finish.

Don’t forget to outfit them for the course with kids’ golf clothing, like polos, jackets and pants.

Not all sets of kids’ golf clubs are the same: Youth sets are designed for various age groups, sizes and skill levels.

Junior golf clubs are crafted for a simplistic design. Because children have a lower center of gravity than adults, the junior driver comes with a lower-profile head, producing higher, longer and straighter shots. The junior driver has unique flex that maximizes clubhead speed.

In order for your child to get the most out of their clubs, it is important to make sure their shafts are the correct height for their body. As they grow, invest in longer clubs with different levels of flex – using incorrectly sized clubs often leads to bad habits on the greens.

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