Discover the ultimate in convenience with golf pull carts and golf push carts.

Give your back a break and find a push/pull cart to add ease during your next round.

Consider the following when choosing your next cart:

More features add bulk. Strike a balance between the number of features and the weight of your cart. Features include storage space for your scorecard, pencil, ball marker, golf balls, tees, GPS or beverages.

Not all push/pull carts collapse completely. Find a cart that is easy to get in and out of your trunk.

If you golf on hilly golf courses, consider a cart with a cable hand brake so you can slow the cart while walking down a steep incline.

Look for a cart with a quality handle to improve control and comfort.

Carts with larger wheels have an easier time on rough terrain.

Select golf push carts and golf pull carts from top brands like Bag Boy, Clicgear, Sun Mountain and Top Flite.


Why You Need A Best Golf Push Cart

Convenience: being able to move around on the green with all your golfing gear will have a significant impact on your game. When playing golf, you should never have to worry about locating a club, gloves or even a ball when playing and you should only concentrate on playing the game. The push-pull cart offers you convenience by ensuring that everything that you need is close to you, and you can easily retrieve it when you need it.

Speeds up Play: It can be annoying when playing with someone whom you have to wait for a couple of minutes as they try to locate their gear when it is their round. When the game is slowed down, it becomes very boring but with a push-pull cart, you will never have to delay your play as you will always have what you need close to you.

It Reduces Fatigue: If you do not have enough money, or you are not willing to spend an extra coin to hire a cart or pay a caddie then, you will have to carry your gear around the course. There are several clubs and other equipment that are involved in the game, and so they can be very heavy and hence leading to fatigue. The cart eliminates or reduces fatigue since you do not have to carry anything and hence you can save your energy for the game.

Eliminates the Need For Caddies: Caddies can be very helpful on the course, but it does not always feel good to have someone running behind you carrying your gear. Apart from this, they also have to be paid, and they are also known to misplace gear. With the push-pull cart, you do not have to hire a caddie since you can push or pull the cart yourself.

It is Stylish And Adds Some Professionalism: A push-pull cart is a stylish equipment, and it makes you look like a serious or professional golfer when on the course. If you chose a good design, you would stand out from the other golfers on the course.


Learn About Push Golf Carts For The Course

Effortlessly navigate the course ahead with the help of a golf push cart from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

The latest golf push carts are designed for secure storage and easy maneuverability—so you can make the most of your time on the links. The best golf push carts offer a variety of storage features, high-strength materials and ergonomic design.

Browse all golf bags or shop golf push carts from brands like Top Flite®, Spritzer®, Bag Boy® and more.

Golf push carts are manually pushed or pulled across the golf course, though some come equipped with a small motor for extra power. Golfers typically pair these bags with a golf cart bag. Consider these factors when selecting your new gear:

Think about the handle of your golf cart. Look for one that’s easy to grip and control on the course. Some come with extra padding for comfort.

Larger wheels help you handle the variety of terrains you may encounter on the course. Ultra-durable rubber-tread or ABS wheels provide added ruggedness.

Some pull carts have a battery-powered motor that help you handle heavier loads and difficult terrain.

A variety of frame materials is available. Aluminum frames are ultra-lightweight yet stable. Powder-coated metal is especially moisture-resistant for durability.

Lock braking systems ensure your cart stays in place on the course or while in storage.


Consult product information for details on your new push cart

Many come with features that provide much-needed utility on the course. In addition to secure bag straps, some models come with umbrella holders, storage nets and beverage holders, coolers and more. Keep in mind, however, that extra features can sometimes add weight to your cart.


There are two kinds of golfers in this world: those who use a cart and those who walk the course

If you’re a course walker, it isn’t uncommon to use a golf push cart. Instead of you lugging your bag full of clubs for a full 18 holes, attach them to a handy push cart and let that carry the weight. You’re still getting the exercise from walking, but just not the burden of all those extra pounds on your back. You won’t tire as quickly and you’re likely to shoot a better score. Today’s push carts are usually three- or four-wheel units complete with extra storage for some of your accessories like a scorecard, balls, tees, umbrella, and beverage.

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