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Many people have reported that they succeeded in losing weight by applying vegetarian diet plan. However, will the result last long? Or we still another thing to maintain the weight? And what is actually the secret behind vegetarian diets? Let’s check this out!


Does Vegetarian Diet Really Work?

The secret behind the successful weight loss of those people applying vegetarian diet plan is fiber. Vegetables and fruits are rich of fiber and, by consuming them, you have helped your body to clean its pipe.

On the other side, animal products contain no fiber. So, replacing them all with vegetarian products means that you add more fiber to your body. This fiber is the secret why vegetarian diet works so well on many many people.

Moreover, it is easy. It is just a matter of lifestyle changes. While losing weight, you can also be healthier too.


Tips on A Successful Vegetarian Diet


1. Read the vegetarian food pyramid to know the groups of food you need to eat

You can browse on the internet about vegetarian food pyramid. However, the pyramid was made for general people, including those who want to gain weight. So, you need to make some tweaks: you can choose the lower serving amounts of each category. If the recommendation says 6-11 servings, you can choose 6. This actually depends on your metabolism.


2. Make experiments with whole grain

There are some kinds of whole grains, based on its difficulty to digest. For example, wheat grain is hard to digest while buckwheat is relatively easier. You must not that the easier the food is digested, the faster it will go through your intestine, leading to faster weight loss.
You must make experiments about which types of grain work best for you because it will be different for each person.


3. Lower your sugar intake

Sugar is the enemy of weight loss as it leads to the overgrowth of yeasts in your body. Besides, too much sugar can lead to many noncommunicable diseases.


4. Avoid fruit juice

People think that fruits and fruits no matter what the shape is. That is totally wrong. The whole fruits are good for you because they are fresh, rich of fiber and other nutrients, and the chewing sensations will make your brain think that you are eating. On the other side, juicing process will eliminate fruit’s fiber and what is left is only the natural sugar. Besides, by drinking juice your brain will think that you are only drinking, which makes it easier for you to feel hungry.


5. Green leafy vegetables are the best

Green leafy vegetables are rich of calcium. These include mustard/turnip greens, kale, bok choy, broccoli, and many more.


6. Drink water

To help the digestion of fiber, water is needed. You need to drink 6-12 glasses of water per day. You can choose the lower number if you have eaten a lot of water-rich fruits and vegetables.


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