Wading is where fishing gets serious! Today’s breathable chest waders offer comfort and the best performance for the modern fly fisher. Most prefer the stocking foot style with separate lightweight wading boots, but we also sell many boot foot waders.

Sometimes you need fishing waders just so you can cast your fly to a fish, which makes waders an indispensable tool for fly fishing, especially for fly fishing beginners who don’t cast well yet. Some rivers are lined with brushy banks and the only way to cast is to wade out into the river. Some lakes have shallow bottoms and you need to wade out to get where the fish are. Some streams are just more fun when you scramble around in them or even just cross over to the far bank where fewer people go. Fly fishing waders make you more effective and can make fishing more fun, plain and simple.



Wade into the quiet of the stream in a pair of high-quality, durable fishing waders. Adjustable suspenders help ensure a snug fit to help keep you dry while out in the water. Choose between stocking-foot waders that can fit into wading boots or waders with boots built-in for maximum security against cold water & terrain. Whatever style you prefer, you can find an excellent pair of fly-fishing waders or chest waders in this selection. Look through our entire selection of waders and accessories for other options and items that can help you get the most out of your fishing trip.



Keep your fishing gear safe and away from the water until it’s needed with the storage pockets found on these fishing waders. Many of these fishing waders are made with chest pockets to keep fishing essentials easily accessible. Some are even waterproof and can be removed for easy filling or passing off to a fellow fisherman or fisherwoman. With a good accessory pocket on a pair of waders, you can have the equipment you need just a zipper-pull or button-click away. See what’s available in this diverse selection and find the right fishing apparel for your next outing.


A pair of quality waders can help you take on the great outdoors.

Anglers, bird hunters and outdoor adventurers of all types can trek through watery terrain in quality chest waders, hip waders and waist waders. The latest waders are crafted of quality material to provide lightweight warmth and complete water protection, while never hindering your movement in the field.

Anglers can find chest waders, with built-in boots that provide total traction on slick rocks beneath the water’s surface. Easily carry lures, tackle and more with you in a chest wader built with a lightweight but stable fold-out table.

For less coverage, turn to waist waders or hip waders that are built with an articulated leg for total mobility. Safely stash away gear in a fishing vest designed with convenient pockets and ample ventilation to keep you cool and dry as you fish.

Grip rocks in the water and slippery terrain with ease in fishing wading shoes built with durable full-grain uppers and reinforced stitching. Expect quality from top brands like Pro Line®, Field & Stream®, Korkers®, Patagonia® and many more.

Waders should provide warmth and weather protection, but still be lightweight enough to enable you to move without restriction. To combat water seepage, look for waders with fully stitched or taped seams.

You can choose between chest waders that come with built-in boots or with stocking-feet bottoms that are paired with your favorite fishing or hunting boots.

Your wading boots should be amphibious—traction-ready for walking in streams but comfortable for trekking distances on land. Choose wader boots designed with cleated outsoles or deep lugs. Lightweight cushioning in the midsole of your shoe provides extra comfort for long days in the great outdoors. A reinforced toe box in your wader shoes gives you the protection you need.

Pockets and compartments give you a spot to stash small essentials. Look for features such as detachable bottoms that convert into short fly vests. Ensure that pockets and compartments are secure for holding extra hooks, lines and lures. Choose a vest with ventilation panels for maximizing airflow and a lightweight construction, so you move easily on the water.

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