After practicing golf for some couple time, you may finally decide that you will have one mini golf training complex at your own home. When this decision comes, another consideration must be made: will it be outside or indoor putting green that I need best. To help you answer this question, there are many factors to consider. If you take all these factors into account, you will be able to choose between outdoor and putting greens.


If you have an open space, for instance in your backyard, to put the outdoor putting greens, then you should not be confused anymore. In fact, golf is meant to be played outside, and it will give you more room and space that the inner practice putting green. The outdoor putting greens will give you more space for creativity too, in case you want to add things or design your own very chipping surface.


The controlled environment will give you access to play outside. However, since the weather and all have become unpredictable and uncontrolled, indoor putting greens seem to be the best option. When playing outside, there may be snow falls or rain falls, and that is bad for you golf practice. Though you can’t be as free as when you play outside, play inside the house in these uncontrolled seasons is the better idea.


Logically, we can assume that indoor putting greens will be smaller since they will be put in limited space. Thus, installing the indoor greens will eventually be cheaper than the outdoor ones. If the cost is a factor for you, it will be better to choose indoor putting greens. However, if you don’t mind to spend more money and you don’t limit the budget, you are free to choose which one is to your preference.

Based on the factors above, in most cases indoor putting greens are highly recommended that the outdoor ones.


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