Many people are finally aware of the dangerous side of long-term consumption of supplements to help them lose weight. In fact, there are natural supplements that can be used to replace the weight loss supplement. Here are 5 natural weight loss supplements.


1. Guggul


Guggul is a part of Ayuverdic remedy, to help relieve joint pain, lower cholesterol, and of course help you lose weight. Based on a newest study in University of Nebraska and Beth Israel Medical Centre in NYC, people who took 750mg guggul each day and had some combination of aerobic and strength training 3 times a week for 6 weeks, lose an average 6 pounds, 6 until 12 more than those who didn’t consume guggul. The explanation is that guggul helps the fat metabolism process.


2. Gynemma sylvestre

High blood sugar will result to the release of insulin which makes the body to store fat. You can consume 300mg of Gynemma sylvestre to bind the taste receptor and reduce the sweetness of sugar, which is good for restraining your craving of sugar.


3. Reishi mushrooms

Mostly, they are found in wild fallen logs. Because these mushrooms are good to build strength and fight fatigue like what is used in traditional Chinese medicine, they can make you feel more energetic and strong while exercising. Thus, this can be used as natural weight loss supplement.


4. Fish oil

fish oil

The omega-3 fatty acid in fish oil will change how the fat is used by the body. The body will no store it, but burn it as energy. If you consume 1.9 grams of fish oil and combine it with exercise (45 minutes a week), you will effectively reduce your body fat.


5. Green tea

Green tea is a great anti-oxidant. However, it also has thermogenic boosters that raise metabolism and help burn your body fat more quickly. For weight loss, you are recommended to drink 2 250grams capsule of green tea 3 times daily with meal.




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