Antelope hunting is another challenge for every hunter. Antelope can be hunted in some places in US like Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana and in Canada like Saskatchewan and Alberta.

These antelope hunting guides will give you the best advice on how to hunt an antelope. Your hunting trip will be greater in places which have higher opportunity of catching an antelope, like some ranches in the Rocky mountain region and Indian Creek Adventurers. Although antelope hunting seem simple, you can choose the suitable hunting equipment to determine the level of challenge and skill needed.


Scouting in Antelope Hunting

Scouting the hunter ground before the hunting season starts is important to measure the antelope’s populations, observe their escape routes, comprehend suspicious behavior, and evaluate the best trophies to get. For this process, you will need high-quality binoculars and spotting scopes to help you access the movement of the antelope while judging the trophy quality. The spring scopes will be much beneficial when you locate your prospective trophy. Even when mirages happen, with the help of these tools, you will still get the better view of those animals.


Selecting Rifle and Cartridge for Antelope Hunting

The best selections for antelope hunting will be a .25/06, .243 or even the 6mm with bullets weighing from 90 to 100 grains. Other great cartridges include .257 Weatherby, and the .270 Winchester with 110-grain bullets.

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Antelope Bow-Hunting

While you can be as close as 250 yards with a rifle, when using a bow you will get the best shot at 20-40 yards. When bow hunting, the most productive is that you hunt in blinds by water holes. You must construct these blinds using weeds and natural materials found near the water holes. Since you might need to wait the antelope for hours, you are recommended to build a large build for your convenience.

Antelopes are very curious, especially to the new things around them. To lure the animal closer to you so it will be easier to shoot, you can use a white kerchief.

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Spot and Stalk in Antelope Hunting

Camouflage clothing is crucial in antelope hunting. However, make sure the proposed hunting ground legitimizes the use of the particular clothing. The clothing that you choose should blend to the surrounding area to give a natural feel. For example, the hues of the clothing must be the same with the grassland and so on. On the other hand, sage colored camo is comparatively more effective in high deserts.

Using non-human contour will enable you to hunt the antelope in shorter distance. Cover your body with scrub and bushes. The angle of the approach can be increased can perfect your stalk. If at all the hunter is spotted by the antelope, remaining still would be the best option.




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