Golf shoes that fit properly with your feet will affect your swing traction and when you walk the course. It can be challenging to buy the right golf shoes because there are many choices of brands and sizes. You have to spare some time to find the right shoes that fit your feet, your pocket, and which looks sharp.


1. After determining your shoe size, check the other sizes too

There are in fact differences in sizing among different makers. But this way will be the starting point for you to try the sizes of shoes.


2. Determine the shoe style you need

There are a wide range of styles of golf shoes. Consider which ones you need: athletic-style shoes, dress-style shoes, or maybe even golf sandals.


3. If you are on budget, browse first about some brands that will fit your budget

There are a wide range of prices of golf shoes. You must browse first before deciding certain brands to buy. Though comfort and style is important in choosing golf shoes, if you’re on budget, you must be rational and choose the cheap golf shoes brands that will fit your budget.


4. Pick several pairs of shoes based on price and size

After finding the right prices, you can try for the size. Try different sizes of shoes. To know if the shoes are comfortable enough, you can fasten the shoes or sandals by lacing up. In many cases, new shoes will feel stiff which causes discomfort. It is the right shoes if you can wiggle your toes easily, your heel can fit snugly against the shoes’ rear part, and your top foot are not pressed or in pain when the shoes are laced up.


5. You can practice at the store if indoor driving range is available

Borrow a club and try to swing to really get the feeling of wearing it while playing. You can repeat this process using other sizes of shoes. If you feel comfortable while playing the ball, then you have found the right golf shoes.




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