How to Choose The Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

golf cFor a long time you just watch golf and suddenly you are interested to try and play. What you probably will do for the first time is going ahead to the sporting goods store nearest to your place to find the set for you. But there are hundreds of set available and you will be confused, especially if you never ever hold anything related to golf before.

One if the thing that a beginner must put attention when buying is the golf clubs. Here are the tips to choose golf clubs for beginners that will certainly make everything easier.

1. Try the clubs of your friend

Since choosing golf club for beginner can be quite tricky, you can try with what your friends have before deciding to buy. If you have friends who are golfers, you can try their clubs at a driving range. By doing this, you will get the sense of the clubs that you really want to buy. You can also get more insight about golf clubs from those who are expert in golf clubs by visiting with the professionals at a local golf course or pro shop.

2. Purchase half set of clubs specially made for beginners

Half set of clubs are beginner golf clubs, which consist of five irons—a four, six, eight, pitching wedge and sand iron—a three and five-wood, and a putter. What you can’t find in the set are a two, three and four iron, and a driver which is hard for beginners to use. The half set is cheaper than the complete set but it’s really important because it can help improve your swing as a beginner. When you think you are ready for the next step, there are two options available for you: trade it in or add more clubs into your set.

3. Try first before buying

Trying your new sets of club before buying is crucial. You can try at the indoor driving ranges available at a large sporting goods store and pro shop. Buying online can be cheaper, but you cannot try it. And if it doesn’t suite you, you can’t return the clubs.

4. Clubs with perimeter-weighted heads are better

Clubs with perimeter-weighted heads have greater ‘sweet spot’ which will be more forgiving. Graphite shafts are more ideal for beginners, even though it is more costly than the steel shafts. They are also lighter, and with the weight put in the head, it will be easier for you to swing the club a bit faster.

5. Choose clubs with good grips if you buy used clubs

The grips are essential when you play golf. So, if you find that the grips of the used clubs you buy are not in good condition, you can have them repaired or replaced, or you can do it yourself too. Just make sure the new grips are the same size with the old ones.

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