Terminal tackle will help you when doing bottom fishing, both inshore or in deep offshore waters. Therefore, finding the right terminal tackle is crucial. Here are the guides to choose the right terminal tackle for you.

Fish Finder Rigs

If you’re on a party boat, with 12-50 people going to bottom fishing, you will be most likely to be provided with terminal tackle in the form of fish finder rigs, which is a form of leader with bank sinker or pyramid at the end of the leader. A loop is tied about 20-24 inches from the sinker, to which a hook is tied. Sometimes, above the first loop is also tied a second loop and hook, and swivel will be tied 12 inches from that.

The whole rig’s length is 3 feet which make it difficult for you to cast. This is good for party boats because the rig can only go straight down which is meant to avoid tangled lines with so many people fishing in the boats.

Besides used in party boats, finder rigs can also be used over a wreck or artificial reef as there may not several fish on the bottom. With its heavy sinker, finder rigs can just go right to the school.


Grouper and Snapper Rigs

Both rigs have monofilament leaders with the length of 3-5 feets, with swivel on one end and hook on the other end. Snapper rigs have lighter and shorter leaders with narrower hooks if compared to grouper rigs.

The egg sinker that can slide up and down is used for the rigs. Using this rig for bottom fishing in deep water is difficult. When the rig goes down, the relative buoyancy of the bait and the weight of the sinker will cause some twisted lines. However, these rigs are still good for deep water in current situation because the current will keep the hook and bait away from the sinker as it goes down.

If there is no current, you can still make the most of these rigs with live bait because it can swim away from the sinker and the bait can go to the bottom without any tangled lines.


Flounder Rigs

Trolling sinker or beaded casting sinker is used for these rigs. Since the sinkers are elongated and streamlined, they can bump along the bottom with a little chance of hanging on structure. A leader is tied to one end of the sinker, and a line is tied directly at the other end. When you drag live bait (especially mud minnows, small mullets, and other small live fish) slowly in the bottom to find flounder, these rigs will be your best choice.


Wire Leaders

Wire leaders are best for fish with sharp teeth, including barracuda, Wahoo, and king mackerel. The wire used can be stranded or coated wire or also can be stainless steel. It is usually used only in trolling situation because it can be easily seen so it can discourage strikes.

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