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Protein is good for body building. Therefore, high-protein diet can be found in many body-building programs. The fact is, protein is not as portable as other convenient foods like carbs, vegetables, and fruits. Protein in meats and fish must be processed and is not just easily there for us to grab and consume. Most of the time, protein foods are fried which means that they are unhealthy.

It is quite explainable why 1/3 of women at the age of 20 until 40 do not get the needed amount of protein. In fact, many studies prove that high-protein diet is good for health. A study by Johns Hopkins University showed that protein diet can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglycerides better than what traditional higher-carb diet promises.


What is the Benefit of Protein?

High-protein diet is good to boost the digestion and metabolism which means that there are more calories needed to process them. You will feel full longer and sooner because the protein also leaves your stomach longer. This is really beneficial for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Dieters who include 30% calorie more on their diet, based on Nutrition Metabolism, will eat 450 fewers calorie a day and can lose weight up to 11 pounds within 12 weeks without taking any other kinds of diet.

Protein is also beneficial to burn fat and not muscle. When you eat protein, the amino acids will be sued by the body to build lean muscle to make you more toned and stronger. Even when you’re not active, the amino acids will still burn your calories. This means that, the metabolism works all the time at high speed to burn any kind of calories you eat.


Have More High-Protein in Your Diet

You should consume protein with the amount of 0.5-1.0 gram protein per pound of your body weight. So if you’re 140 pound, you should eat 70-140 grams a day. If you are active, you can choose the high end, and the low end for losing weight.

Thirty of the total grams will be better if eaten at breakfast. Your body is empty as you are fasting while sleeping all night. And if you do not eat protein at breakfast, you body will eat on your muscle tissue. Another advantage is that you can regulate the all-day appetite by eating protein at breakfast.

However, not all proteins are the same. Protein foods like whole grains, nuts, and veggies don’t contain all nine amino acids needed for building muscle. Proteins can help you build muscle can be found in animal foods. Skinless white chicken or turkey, low-fat dairy, lean beef, seafood, and pork tenderloin are good for you flat belly. Per 50-calorie serving, these foods only contain 3 grams of fat. For vegetarians, they can pair incomplete proteins or nosh on complete proteins.




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