6 Tips to Stay Motivated for Morning Exercise

Tips to Stay Motivated for Morning Exercise

Morning exercise can be a great challenge, especially for those who don’t like to wake early in the morning. Many people will make thousands of excuses to skip the morning exercise. In fact, morning exercise is one of the best ways to help you lose weight.

If you are among those who don’t like to have morning exercise, here are tips that will make you stay motivated.

1. Set your goals

By setting realistic goals, your body can remain healthy both at present time and in the future. First, you should make goals that are easy to accomplish, such as losing 4-6 pound in this month, and continuing with more weight loss goals for the following months. Don’t push yourself to exercise in the morning for hours without breakfast as your body may not be in its best condition.

2. Prepare your sport bag at night

Every night, when you come home from work, prepare your gym clothes and other necessities inside the sport bag. The next day, when you wake in the morning, you don’t need to deal with hassles that make you feel lazy to go to gym.

3. Place your alarm clock far away from you

Most people sleep with their alarm clock, or alarm from their phone, on the bed beside them. This way, you will tend to snooze the alarm once you reach it. To avoid this habit, you need to put your alarm clock far from your bed, maybe on the other side of the room. When the clock rings, you will be forced to get up to turn it off.

4. Breakfast before exercise

Like what have been mentioned in point number 1, you must have your breakfast before exercise. However, it is not recommended if you eat heavy meal, like rice, as it can make you feel sick while doing exercise. Something light like a banana can be the best choice. Eating can also prevent you from being hungry while doing exercise.

5. Have fun while doing exercise

Boredom is one of the reasons that keep you from exercising regularly. By applying different exercise every day, you can avoid this kind of boredom. Maybe you can have jogging on the first day, skipping (jump rope) on the second day, and swimming on weekends. If you have fun while doing exercise, you will feel more comfortable and there will be fewer burdens.

6. Grab some friends

The feeling of lonely can also be another reason why you are lazy to get up in the morning. For that, you can invite some friends or at least look for places that are already crowded in the morning. If you want to get a lot of friends, joining sports community is highly recommended.

Hopefully, all of those tips above can help you stay motivated for a morning workout.



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