Large Groups Enjoy the Great Outdoors with 6-Person Tents


When you’ve got a group ready to camp, you need shelter that covers every member of your party. A spacious 6-person tent provides roomy comfort, whether you’re headed to a beach campsite or out into the wilderness. Choose from ample large size tent accommodations with enough room for 2 queen airbeds and easy set-up pre-assembled poles. With the ability to store gear in inside storage pockets, and options such as an electrical access port, group camping just got a whole lot easier.

All 6-person tents feature durable materials, easy-care polyester fabrics and ample floor space. Some models come with reflective guy lines for greater night visibility.

When is a 6-person tent smaller or larger?

When you expect to explore outdoors and sleep on the wild on a tent with the whole family, you may wonder if a 6-person tent is enough. A 4-person tent may be small while an 8-person tentis just wonderful space for extra movements and other activities, such as guitar jamming inside before you sleep, different capacity tents all differ in price.

If you are a budget conscious mom or a dad on stiff accounts, you may settle for the actual number of your family.

A 10-person capacity tent may still be feasible if you have really a large family member, say 8 to 10 members, including mom and dad or if some relatives or friends want to join the camp. A 6-member family without expecting some relatives or friends to join them on the vacation may settle for this capacity if you don’t want extra cost to purchase a tent.

Average families across North America have about 3 to 5 members, buying a tent with capacity above the actual intended use, or roughly 70-80 percent, is advised by experts to compensate for unforeseen events of additional companion and gears.

The experts are quite right; you don’t travel with just the exact amount for fares, so they say. What we are pointing out is that, you may opt for a bigger capacity than you actually need. The 6-person tent just fits the standard family size.


Comparing 6-person size tents to other sizes

The average floor area for a 6-person tent on our 5-product review is approximately 80-160 sq. ft. and varies in center height from 4 ft. to almost 7 ft. depending on brand and model. From these variations, you could select the best size that fits your needs. The price also varies as the floor area and its height varies.

In our product demo and reviews below for 6-person tents, where the construction type is mostly dome-shaped compared to larger capacities which are mostly vertically constructed. However, 6-person tents could easily be assembled or disassembled due to its simple construction.

They are also durable against high velocity wind because the contour deflects incoming air away from the tents’ interior. While the larger capacities are constructed with higher center height and vertical walls which are more vulnerable to high wind. The price is also much lower compared to larger capacities. The materials barely differ though. They have almost the same materials.

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to a family holiday abroad, then investing in a tent for camping holidays provides a great opportunity to get away for less during the summer months.

Our 5 and 6 man tents are by far our most popular family option, with some of the bestselling tents on the market including the Hi Gear Zenobia 6 Elite and the Outwell Montana 6P.

These sizes of tents will often offer partitioned bedrooms and living spaces to make your holiday more comfortable, while some even offer standing height areas, making them ideal for longer camping holidays.

If you’ve got a big family or who like to camp in a large group, then you need a tent with enough to space so each and every one of you can sleep soundly. We have a great range of 6 man tents from top brands including Vango, Outwell, Berghaus and many more. Our tents boast large porch areas for dining, storage or to use as a living area on a rainy day.

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