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Many people book flight tickets from travel agency, but in most cases, it is a lot more expensive than what we want. If you fly on budget, it’d better that you do it by yourself. Moreover, there are some other tips you can do to have the cheap flights.


1. Check the 24-hour rule

After booking a ticket, you can check the price the next morning. If the price is lower, you can cancel your flight and often it is without penalty.


2. Take the last-minute flight

last minute flights

When airplanes seats aren’t full for an upcoming weekend trip, the prices are usually lower. You can absolutely make use of this condition.


3. You can search flight based on fare

If you search flight based on fare, not destination, you will most likely get the best price. You can use some apps which give you the list of flights based on a set budget.


4. Fly on Wednesday

It is the cheapest day of airplane schedules, especially for domestic travel. In this day, seats are mostly empty that the prices are discounted. As long as it is not the peak holiday season, this rule will probably apply.


5. Check Social Media

social media

Some airplanes share fare information on social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Since some deal can be gone within hours, you have to be really fast. Some airlines also announce special sales to Facebook fans.


6. Become a frequent flier

If you’re an elite member of frequent-flier program of certain airplanes, you will be offered rewards. Check if the rewards can be redeemed for miles or travel gift cards.


7. Choose the first flight

The first flight in the morning in most cases is the cheapest. If you can’t wake up early, maybe you can choose other cheap time: during or after lunch or around dinner.


8. Search for deals in the morning

The most deals can be found in the morning although some airlines release discount for the whole day.


9. Choose the red-eye

red eye flights

Red-eye flight are usually on limited routes, thus it is the cheapest flight ever.


10. Search multiple sites

It is stupid if you just depend on one site to get low-cost tickets. You can search the biggest online ticket-sellers, and after that you need to also check the little online ticket-sellers too.




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