Let’s Talk About ADD or ADHD in Children


In some of their life, your children will be forgetful, which is actually normal. They forget to do their homework, they forget what you ask them to do, they act without thinking, they are daydreaming during the class, and many more. But when this forgetfulness occurs too often that it affects your child’s ability to learn, you may need the help of a doctor because it can be a sign of attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD). Unfortunately, not many parents are aware about ADD or ADHD which makes it sometimes left untreated.

What you need to know about ADHD is that it is a kind of brain-based medical disorder and it can occur to every kid, even yours. Besides the forgetfulness or attention-deficit, your kids might also show some signs of hyperactivity. Parents should not feel ashamed of afraid of being discriminated since you are not alone. Many parents face this and the best way you can do is find the best treatment for your children as soon as possible, so that the disorder does not get severe. When you notice anything wrong with the kids’ level of hyperactivity or forgetfulness, you might call your doctor at once.

ADD & ADHD can happen to everyone, no matter what their age, gender, IQ, and background. Having medical evaluation is important so that the doctor can understand what actually causes the disorder in your kid, is it really ADHD/ADD or any other kind of disorder. Your doctors might refer you to a specialist to get the best treatment for your kids.

There is no clear answer of what causing ADD ADHD. Many factors are believed to trigger this condition. Some environmental factors can also affect the condition to worsen. So, it is better to monitor what your kids do in their daily activity. Your doctors may need to perform interview or questionnaire to the family members, teacher, and many people close to your kid. They will also check the family medical history too.

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