ADHD is a chronic condition that is experienced by a lot of children in the world. When the ADHD  is not treated well, it can continue into adult ADHD. To avoid the disorder to continue, parents must equip themselves with as much ADHD info as possible. By having sufficient knowledge about ADHD, parents will know what to when their kids show certain symptoms or when they do something that the parents think is wrong or abnormal. Without proper knowledge, it is likely that parents will leave it without taking proper steps for their kids.

Talking about ADHD, many people ask ‘is ADHD mental disorder?’ Yes, ADHD is one of the most commonly mental disorders of children. This disorder is characterized either with impulsivity and hyperactivity or lack of attention. Usually, this mental disorder interferes with the kids’ life at home as well as at school. When the disorder continues to adulthood, the adult with ADHD will also have troubles in managing their relationship and job. This thing results in low self-esteem, which makes it even harder for ADHD sufferers to reach success.

So, is ADHD mental health problem? Doctors believe that ADHD is caused by the imbalance in the level of chemical in the brain, which influences the way the sufferers pay attention, concentrate, or behave. However, you must notice that the brain is not damaged. It’s just that there is a dysfunction, which means that the brain does not function normally.

Doctors may prescribe some medications as part of the treatment for the ADHD kids. Afraid of the side effects, many parents have opted for ADHD herbal remedies which are believed to have no side effects. Herbal tea is one of the herbal remedies that many people choose. Herbal tea which contains lemon grass, spearmint, chamomile, or other herbs can help the ADHD sufferers to feel relaxed. They can drink it before bedtime. Other herbal remedies include gingko biloba (to improve memory and mental sharpness), water hyssop (to improve memory and brain function), gotu kola (to reduce anxiety and improve mental clarity), green oats (to treat stress and anxiety), and ginseng (to improve personality and social functioning).



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