Scoliosis is one of the spinal conditions, characterized by sideways curvature of the spine. This condition mostly occurs just before puberty. When the child grows, the curve can grow severe and may cause some debilitating effects. Even when the curve becomes too severe, the space in the chest will be reduced, causing difficulty for the lungs to function. Doctors can monitor the development of the children with scoliosis with X-rays. Some of the treatments that are most frequently chosen are observation, back braces for scoliosis, and surgery.

For those who avoid surgery, back brace scoliosis treatment may be the best option. However, this kind of treatment will usually be recommended for patients whose curve measure 20 to 40 degrees. This treatment will also be good for patients who are skeletally immature (have a lot of growth remaining). This treatment focuses on stopping the progression of the growth of the spine’s curve. Back brace is only used for younger children who are still skeletally immature (11 to 13 years old for girls and 12 to 14 for boys).

What about adult with scoliosis? Can they still use back brace? The back brace for scoliosis adults is usually intended for reducing motion of the spine and providing more support. Along with the brace, adult with scoliosis will still need to have some physical therapies. For adults who want to have back brace, it is recommended that they choose brace that has been customized with their body shape.

There are many types of back braces for young scoliosis sufferers, as well as back braces for scoliosis for adults. Your physician will help you choose the brace the most suitable to your unique condition. At first, you may feel that the brace causes major discomfort. However, after you get used to wearing it, you will later feel it comfortable. You can learn to use it for only an hour at the first time, and then you can gradually increase the duration after a week or so. Ask your physician about the specific instructions, especially for sleeping or bathing time.



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