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Ice Fishing Tips: How to Ice Fish in the Right Way


Are you new on ice fishing? You might learn some of the basics and safety to be able to ice fish in the right and safe way. And even if you’re an expert angler, knowing all these tips will be also beneficial for you.


The Basics and Safety of Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a method when an angler catches a fish through a hole in an ice of a large frozen body of water, either a lake, a pond, or even a river. Some anglers simply fish in the open air, while some others need to build heated cabin. Through years, with some new equipment, the way the angler ice fish has changed a lot. And of course, while ice fishing, you must always remember about safety.

Among other methods, ice fishing is one of the most dangerous so it’s vital that you follow all the safety steps. The depth recommended for you to walk on the frozen water is 4”. When it’s less than that, it will be very much dangerous especially on lake where the wide frozen ice can break due to offshore winds.

Your phone must be fully charge when you go ice fishing. And someone close to you might be informed that you will ice fish, when you will leave, and when you will come home. If you ice fish on late winter warm-ups, you have to watch out the ice rot because in most cases they cannot support your weight.


Ice Fishing Tricks, Tips, and Tactics


1. Know the depth of your fish

Before go ice fishing, browse in what dept the fish you’re targeting stay during the winter time because there are some specific places that the ice will choose during the winter.


2. Ice fish slowly and steadily

During the winter, fish don’t release much energy, so if you want to catch them with bait or jig, don’t move it too fast.


3. You can use slip bobber at the right time

Fish don’t use much energy during winter, so they will not be as aggressive as they are in summer. The use of slip bobber might help to give go as deep as you like.


4. In shallow area, you might need to cover the hole

Covering the hole with ice shavings is important when ice fishing in slow area to avoid the light penetration to the surface. This keeps the fish from avoiding the area where you’re fishing.


5. Learn how to fight hypothermia

Hypothermia are the dangerous cause of death of many ice fishers. It’s best if you educate yourself you educate yourself on what to do if you or a fellow angler falls into icy water. Someone can die within 20 minutes when they are soaked in icy water.




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