Autism is a kind of neurodevelopmental disorder which makes the sufferers experience impaired social interaction. They usually have difficulty in expressing verbal and non-verbal communication. In autistic children, some areas of the brain fail to work concurrently. Since their communication skill is low, they have difficulties to relate to other people, even their closest ones. Nowadays, it is found that there are an increasing number of autistic children. However, the earlier they get the diagnosis and the sooner they get the autism cure, it is still possible for them to reach the optimal function of their brain.

Many parents of autistic children have tried their best to find how to cure autism. Doctors believe that there is no cure for autism. But they can give therapies for the children. The therapies that will mostly be recommended are behaviour and communication therapies since those are the most problems that autistic children face. They will learn how to reduce problem behaviours. They will also learn some new skills. This will help their brain to function better.

Medication also becomes a cure for autism. It actually cannot cure autism. It will just help control the symptoms. To help with your kids’ anxiety, your doctors may prescribe antidepressants. When the behavioural problems become severe, doctors may also prescribe antipsychotic drugs. Other kinds of drugs will be also prescribed to treat your child’s hyperactivity. But, once again, no medications are provided to cure autism.

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