Autism written on the wipe board

Is there a cure for autism? Medical world believe that there is no cure for autism. Autism is a kind of brain disorder, causing the sufferer unable to communicate and interact with others. Many researches have been done to find the cures for autism. However, there will be some treatments offered to help with your children’s autism. The treatment for autism includes some therapies and medications. The therapies are emphasized on improving the communication, behavior and language skill of the autistic children. Family therapies will also be offered to help family interact and play with the children to promote social interaction skills and help improve the condition. And though no medications can improve autism, doctors may prescribe some drugs, such as antidepressants (for anxiety) and antipsychotic drugs (for severe behavioral problems).

However there have been some alternative cures for autism that many parents of autistic children can opt for. Sensory-based therapy is one of the alternative treatments. Since many autistic children have problem in sensory processing, this therapy is expected to give improvement on the sufferer. Therapists will use trampolines, squeeze toys, brushes, and other things that can stimulate the senses and organize the sensory system.

Other alternative cures for autism include special diets, chelation therapy, and acupuncture. Several diet strategies are believed to improve the condition of autisms, though it still needs further investigation. Chelation therapy is done to remove mercury and other heavy materials from inside the autistic patients’ body. However, this therapy is not based on scientific research and there is no link found between mercury and autism. Also not supported by research, acupuncture is often used as the treatment for autism. The goal of this traditional Chinese medicine is more on the improvement of the symptoms of autism.


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