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Golf Driving Tips: How to Drive A Golf Ball Well


There are some swings you can do in order to drive the golf ball properly and well. Here are the swing for the best driving.


Turn Your Left Shoulder over the Ball when You Are Under Pressure

Any golfer can feel tense and nervous, especially on their on the first tee or a tough driving hole. This condition can lead the golfer to make short and fast backswing. You must focus to make a full, rhythmic motion to the top. Even when you don’t have the flexibility to do it, you can try to move your lead shoulder behind the ball. Since your body will be loaded to the right side, you can shift forward coming down.

When under pressure, golfers tend not to grip the club properly. To solve this problem, keep some motions in your feet and fingers by waggling the club back and forth.


Keep Your Back to The Target Starting Down when You Fight A Slice

Forcing the right shoulder out toward the ball when starting the downswing can make the swing path steep. As a result, the ball will across from out to in. If you stay back your right shoulder, the club will drop inside when you start down. Therefore, you need to keep your back facing the target longer in the downswing. You can make a full turn behind the ball with your shoulder at passive position.

With the club dropping to the inside, you will be able to swing out to the ball, letting your arms to release and square the clubface.


Your Body Must Not Stop Turning when You Fight A Hook

Most big hooks happen when the body slows down through the hitting area, which leads to the swing momentum to flip the club over and snap the face closed. You must keep turning your whole body toward the target to avoid that. When starting down, shift to your left side, and then turn hard to the left. This way, you will not make the club flip, which means that you can fix the hooks.




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