Portable, Outdoor Camping Shower – Choosing the Best


Range of water heaters for camping and boating providing hot water showers at fantastic prices. Camping water heaters come with shower heads and tap fittings and are a fantastic portable source of hot water. They need a power source – usually a standard gas supply and 12v electrical hook up from your car and are easy to set up. No queueing at the site facilities for you!

If a once-over with a baby wipe and a spritz of deodorant isn’t going to do it for you on your next camping adventure, you might want to flick thorugh our range of Camping Showers & Portable Hot Water Systems.

From the high tech to the humble, you’ll be able to create a luxurious bathroom in the outdoors with sophisticated portable gas powered shower systems for the campsite and durable and instant hot water for your camper trailer or fourby. Or maybe a really simple model like the Spa tap which attach to a water filled bottle is more your thing. You’l also find budget-friendly shower buckets, solar and 12V showers and even pocket-sized lightweight models for hiking and trekking.

The whole point of a camp shower is to have a hot shower. And for that, your mileage may vary according to our tests, depending on outside conditions. All camp showers heat up the same way: you fill them with water and you lay them in the sun. So you need sun, and having a warm day helps. We found that nearly all the showers got up to around 100 to 105 degrees after about three hours in direct sunlight on an 80-degree afternoon. That’s warm, not hot, and a good bit less than the 112 degrees that experts say is ideal for cleaning and coziness.


Know your needs

Your choice on your camping shower is going to be dependent on some personal key factors, that only you know.

Like any camping gear purchase, you need to do some thinking about your own personal camping needs and style.

We suggest you think about the following when buying a shower:

  • Your budget – how much do you want to spend on a shower?
  • Style of camping you do – eg tents, caravans or backpacking?
  • Space requirements – how much room in your vehicle do you want to utilize for camping showers?
  • Will you be bringing extra water on the trip for the shower and if so, where will you store it?
  • Water availability – where you camp most often, will you have ready access to water
  • Heating sources – what extras are needed to heat the water if you have a shower that has a heating function
  • Weight – lightweight or heavy?
  • Frequency of needing a shower – are showers going to be a part of every camping trip, or just now and again?
  • Where you camp most often – bush camping or established campgrounds
  • Does the campground you camp in, allow bush showering?

You might want to think about the above just so you have a clearer idea on what you want and what you need; it may not always be the same thing.

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