4 Person Camping Tent for Overnight, Outdoor Adventures


Tents are primarily categorized based on capacity so it is helpful to know how many people you’ll need to accommodate on your hike or camping trip.

Choosing the right tent for your activity level and trip duration will ensure a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors. Below are common types of tents:

Cabin Tents – best suited for established campgrounds or base camps. Ideal for families, these basic camping tents feature a large, square design with high ceilings, a rigid construction and vertical walls to accommodate cots, chairs, coolers and other creature comforts.

Wall Tents – also known as outfitters tents, wall tents are large, framed canvas tents that are popular with hunters and backcountry campers. Among the largest and most accommodating, these camping tents feature a rigid construction and provide lots of room.

Dome Tents – among the most popular types of family camping tents for their simple, easy to assemble construction. Available in sizes from a lightweight 2-person tent to a heavier to 6 or 9-person version, dome tents use flexible tent poles versus the rigid construction of Cabin and Wall tents.

Our 3 man and 4 man tents make ideal tents for a pair of campers.

Comparing tents based on how many persons the manufacture recommends the tent can sleep, is quite difficult. As you can see below, the size of a so called “4 man tent can vary enormously.” Some of the tents on this page could sleep 5 at a push, with others been barely large enough to sleep a couple.

Whether you’re a couple or two friends at a festival, it’s probably going to be two people and two sets of luggage – in this instance we would recommend looking toward our 3-4 berth range of tents for space and comfort.

These tents are quick and easy to pitch, which makes them a great option for a long weekend at a festival, or a spur-of-the-moment camping trip with friends or a companion. Look for features such as a built-in porch to keep your muddy boots out of the living area of the tent.

Understanding the different types of camping and outdoor tents available will help you choose the right gear for your next overnight trip. A tent to take on a long backpacking expedition will require a different tent that you might use on a family camping trip.

If you buy a 2 or 3-person backpacking tent, you can travel light, yet you will have room for extra storage. Boots, backpacks and other materials are generally kept under a rain fly and outside of the tent.

Whether you’re camping alone, with a partner or a large group of friends, here at BCF we have you covered – literally. From music festivals through to bush camping or a bit of backyard fun, features such as anti-insect netting, storage compartments and skylights, mean our range of dome tents suit every occasion. With basic through to deluxe dome tents from well-known brands such as Coleman ensure you have both comfort and quality when enjoying the great outdoors. Choose from tents with separate bedrooms, fibreglass rods, windows and more – it’s your choice, so head into BCF to check out our range now.

Camping that isn’t cramping. In our humble opinion, the industry’s standard definition of a 2 & 4 person tent footprint is too damn small. For Freecountry Camping, we think that’s cramping, not camping. We’re happy to introduce an upgrade to your standard room. Everyone needs plenty of elbow room and headspace, especially if you’re logging some tent time in the rain. Our Suite Dream series provides unprecedented roominess for you, your friends and all your stuff!

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